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9 Tips to Prevent Tooth Stains

The Importance of a Good Looking Smile

A healthy and good looking smile may be the principal attractive quality anyone can have. Oral health and cosmetic issues with your smile as tooth stains or cavities can make you feel ashamed to show your smile, causing a low self-esteem and socialization problems.

If you want to have a bright smile that attracts everybody’s eyes, you must keep a good hygiene and healthy habits. It is important to remember that the natural color of teeth is not actually white, but light yellow and that as we age they tend to darken due to the erosion of the tooth enamel caused by factors like smoking or having a poor oral hygiene. Even though you can’t have a perfect white smile naturally, you still can have a bright smile and healthy smile free from tooth discoloration from home.

Learn how to avoid the apparition of stains in your teeth that make you hide your smile with these simple tips:

  1. Keep a proper dental hygiene, brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once, especially at nights. To brush your teeth you can use a non abrasive whitening toothpaste to give your teeth a brighter look that will last for a brief period of time.
  2. Brush your teeth gently to avoid causing any damage to the enamel that protects the teeth and the dentin, which is the intern layer of the teeth that absorbs the colors of the substances that can cause stains.
  3. Replace your toothbrush every three months before it start transfering the bacteria to your mouth.
  4. Visit your dentist with frequency to determine if your teeth have suffered any change in its coloration and the reason that could be causing this issue.
  5. Rinse the remains of food from your teeth after eating using water or a mouthwash that includes antibacterial action.
  6. Avoid the consumption of the following foods that can cause stains in your teeth, or at least try to clean your teeth immediately after eating them. White wines, tea, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, tomato ketchup, tomato pasta sauce, cola, coffee, etc. In general, try to avoid highly pigmented or acidic foods.
  7. Eat foods that clean your teeth as apple, celery or raw carrots.
  8. Do gargles with apple cider vinegar before brushing your teeth. This substance avoids the apparition of stains in the teeth and helps to remove them as well, killing the bacteria in the mouth.
  9. Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco. The nicotine and tar are substances found in tobacco that settle into the pores of the smokers tooth enamel, causing over time the apparition of brown or yellow stain in the teeth.

Try to put this tips in practice every day to avoid the apparition of stains in your teeth. Remember that in some cases the stains on the teeth can be removed by a dental treatment (extrinsic stains), but sometimes the only way to treat this issue is trough a cosmetic dentistry process that will not remove the stain but cover it (intrinsic stains).

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