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FRUITS AND VEGGIES promote good dental health. Thanks to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in these. This help protects our general oral health. Bacteria damages teeth that’s why it’s important to rinse and brush our teeth after every meal. Brushing every time even after a small snack will remove food particles. These particles tend to get stuck between our teeth or elsewhere in the mouth. Although if you’re not able to wash up you can try ending your meal with raw fruit or vegetables. The high water content in these helps keep teeth and gums clean.


Apples, for example, are nature’s toothbrush because of the fibrous texture. Of course, apples can’t substitute a toothbrush. Yet eating an apple can help clean your teeth until you can brush them properly. Although fresh apples are good for teeth apple juice, on the other hand, may contribute to tooth decay. This is because chewing the fruit stimulates your gums. Which in turn reduces cavity-causing bacteria and increases saliva flow. Saliva decreases acidity in our mouth. As well as washes away particles of food and prevents a decay-causing dry mouth.
Other fruits that can contribute to good oral health can be citrus fruits. This because of their vitamin C content. Chewing fiber-rich, fresh fruits massages your gums and helps clean your teeth. Also increases salivation, which can neutralize the citric and malic acids. These acids contained in citrus fruits may be left in your mouth way after eating. For example oranges, pears, watermelons, pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers and other saliva-producing foods help cleanse the mouth. Vitamin C deficiency may cause bleeding gums, which can lead to unstable teeth.
Although raw fruits are good we should keep in mind that acidic juices have added sugars. And are also proven to cause decay. That’s why milk or water are better to drink choices.


Fibrous and hard vegetables such as carrots and celery are good sources of beta-carotene. Which your body needs to create vitamin A a nutrient essential for building strong teeth.
Cabbage, chard, collard greens, endive, lettuce, kale, mustard greens, asparagus, spinach, and watercress. Provide your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals. These are necessary to maintain and improve oral health. Nutrients found in these dark green foods include. Vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C and also contains phosphorus, as do cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Phosphorus is stored in the teeth and bones. These minerals are instrumental in helping your body. By balancing and absorbing calcium and magnesium.
Also, don’t hesitate to ask about any doubts about any of our treatments. We will be happy to go through treatment plans procedures as well as treatment options. Trust we will help you decide on the best most comfortable plan to suffice your needs.
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