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5 Travel Tips: Keeping Good Dental Habits

Good day, everyone! Today’s article we will be talking about some travel tips in order to make taking care of your mouth much easier to accomplish. Usually, we just prepare the essentials when we leave our home, so there is always a rush in remembered and stuffing everything in whatever space we have available to carry with us.

So for today’s article, we will talk about helpful travel tips to make your voyage cover the essentials when it comes to dental care. So as such, our Los Algodones dentists suggest the next items:


Be mindful about the space so everything is well organized

On the rush of getting things done, it is pretty common to have all the small items splattered everywhere.

We recommend that you keep everything related to your oral health together for easy access. Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouth rinse if you plan to take with you! Usually with just the first three you should be in a pretty good spot for the remainder of your travel and/or stay.

Small items save space and trouble

Upon packing for your travel, you might also find worthy to get everything in small sizes for easy transportation. There are small and compact toothbrushes and toothpastes around, even in Los Algodones pharmacies, that you can get a hold of and use.

It is not only efficient but also time efficient when you can transport and use your tools rather than bringing a whole lot of items to a small bathroom. So keeping the space in mind is a good way to ease a problem off your back.


Bottled water can be your friend

This is quite an interesting tip from our crew, and it has to do with places you might crash to momentarily or some installments.

When you are out and going, sometimes water sources might not be at their top condition, and what we mean by that is that the water running from the faucets might be a little.. suspicious. In other words, not in their most sanitary levels.

Since we do not want to get dirty water into our mouth and system, we can perfectly accomplish the job by using our own water. It does not matter if it is water we are using to drink or that we just happen to have bottled for whatever occasion, it all will do.


Watch out for sweets

Then we have sweets, which I can be sure they are quite unavoidable as local treats  are sure to draw attention wherever we travel to.

Eating them is alright, we only have to think about the next hours as we do not want to incite tooth decay! For this we recommend drinking water after finishing them, as it will help rinsing our mouth a bit. Then make sure to brush our teeth as the last thing we do for the day, while keeping sure we are thorough and leave no spot without brushing, as even a little bit of food can bring problems.


Sugarless gum is a good option

When going on a long, long travel, a sugarless gum is always a good companion. This is mostly aimed at situations where we cannot access a bathroom where to brush our teeth.

Sugarless gums use xylitol as their sugar substitute, so you do not have to worry about their taste. Moreover chewing gum helps getting rid of everything and anything that does not belong in our teeth. Pairing it up with it being sugarless, it also boosts saliva production for better protection for your pearly whites.

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