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All-on-4: Procedure And Advantages

When looking for options to replace a full arch of teeth in our mouth, then the All-on-4 is the best bet. In today’s article, we shall learn more about this little procedure that can help you regain a white and gorgeous smile back.

So several things will be talk about such as: how does the All-on-4 accomplish this, what is it, benefits and how is the procedure carried out, will all be covered in this article thanks to Los Algodones dentists‘ help.


First, what is All-on-4?

In order to first answer this question, we have to understand what a dental implant is. Dental implants are usually artificial roots made of metal to support a dental prosthesis.

The All-on-4 procedure seeks to use the least number of dental implants while keeping stability and efficiency to a maximum. As such, it has been developed to only need four dental implants to support the one whole arch of teeth.

Reducing the number of dental implants required brings many important benefits to the table. First, it brings the total cost of the procedure down as less material is used. It also shortens the total time spent, as less dental implants are required. Moreover, the amount of time needed for recovery is substantially lessened!


Why it requires less dental implants than an All-on-6 or All-on-8

As you may know, in the cases of the All-on-6 and All-on-8, all of the dental implants would be made pointing upwards, naturally. Then these would be supporting the bridge that would harbor the teeth.

That’s where All-on-4 differs from the others, as the two dental implants on the outside are arched at a 30 to 45 degree angle. This allows for further stability without compromising the jaw.


Advantages of All-on-4

We now we have mentioned some of the benefits in the previous item. But those are not all of them! All-on-4 is truly a very reliable procedure that will surely bring back the functionality and looks back to any mouth.

So here we list you the benefits that this procedure brings:

  • Reduced cost. The use of less dental implants means it is cheaper while not losing any
  • Quicker procedure. Less dental implants also means a cut in the total work needed to finish the job. It also is possible for the procedure to be applied in a single day.
  • Easier time healing. As there are less wounds compared to an All-on-6 or All-on-8, the recovery time for this procedure also goes down.
  • Full functionality. These dental implants work and function as well as natural teeth. You will be able to eat, speak and smile with comfort again.
  • Does not need bone augmentation in most cases. A patient needs to have enough bone to support the dental implants. Too little tissue labels the patient as unfit for the procedure unless a bone grafting is done.
  • Unlike dentures, they are fixated in place. This removes the whole hassle of removing or putting them on. They work and look like natural teeth!



In order to carry out this procedure, it is important to know if the patient is eligible. This requires to examine and some tests such X-rays and CT scan to be sure there is enough space. If there is no risk nor trouble for the patient, then Los Algodones dentists are safe to proceed.

The procedure itself is, of course, done under anesthesia to relax the area and not inflict any pain.

  1. First, any remaining teeth are removed and the mouth prepared with thorough cleaning.
  2. After this the necessary holes are drilled into the mouth, two on the front and two in the back at an angle.
  3. The dentist then proceeds to fir the dental implants into place.
  4. The mouth is then cleaned again and prepared to have it heal as smoothly as possible.

Once the operation is over, you will be given a temporary overdenture which are lighter and easier on your jaw, but less durable. Then when it heals completely will you be given your permanent  overdentures.

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