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Are you flossing your teeth?

Hello again and welcome back to our cool blog. We like you to teach you the ways of dental flossing. Using dental floss daily is the key to having healthy teeth. It is quite impressive how many people sleep on this. They tend to only use their toothbrush and that is a huge mistake. You must take your teeth better than that. Otherwise you will have hug chances of suffering from many dental diseases.


That is why I always suggest that you should have always 3 dental items at your disposal. These are dental floss, toothbrush and mouth wash. The three of them form a perfect trifecta of dental hygiene. They form an invincible team that cannot be missing in your bathroom. If you would like to learn more about flossing keep reading and you will be a master using it. it can seriously chances your teeth looks for the better.


Why flossing is so important?

There are many reasons why a patient has to floss. Everyone has to do with their dental hygiene. Let’s see, when we eat we accumulate food debris. These food residues will stick to our teeth forming plaque and tartar. These can ruin our teeth, staining them and wearing down the enamel. It can be quite easy to clean with toothpaste and a good toothbrush but it is not enough. The thing is that the food debris will stuck between your teeth, gums and every corner of your mouth.


It does not matter how much you brush your mouth, it cannot reach every place optimally. This is where flossing comes to the picture. With this cool thread you can clean between your teeth with no problem at all. This will be an important step to avoid many dental diseases such as gingivitis and dental caries. Leaving these food remnants live rent free in your mouth can be really dangerous for your dental health.


That is enough reasons to get rid of them with flossing. The food debris rots over time and will infect your gums. Also it will create acidic reactions that wear down your teeth enamel and form holes. So there is zero excuse to not floss every day after brushing your teeth. Let’s learn together how to use dental floss correctly.


How to floss your teeth correctly


This is very simple and no hard at all. First of all you should use dental floss after brushing your teeth. Use your thumbs to wrap the floss, you will only need a couple of inches. Many patients make the mistake of wasting yards of floss. But you will really only need a little amount. You can use a separate amount for each jaw so you do not over use the thread. After finishing use mouthwash to rinse and you should be golden.


If you use antiseptic mouthwash it will be a wise choice. That way you keel 99% of germs and bacteria. This will help you to protect your teeth against dental diseases, have better breath and keep them neat. There is no better sensation than feeling great about your smile and fresh breath. The best part of all is that this routine does not take more than five minutes to complete. Just remember to do it at least twice a day.



What dental floss should I get?


There is not a dental floss specifically that you must get. For flossing you want any brand that has the ADA seal of approval. This is a sign that the product is tested and approved by dentists in America. It is important that you get good products to avoid doing more harm than good. This advice also applies with other products such as dental floss and mouthwash. After you have a favorite brand like Colgate or Oral B then you can stick with them.


Out there it exist many types of products. You can find them in any shape, flavor and property. If you like minty floss, go for it. There is some kind of beauty in choosing a product that we like and make us feel comfortable and safe. The key thing here is to pick a product you love to use every day to clean your teeth. If you do not miss the daily mark of flossing twice a day at least, your teeth will look perfect.

Other good dental practices

Now you know everything about flossing, what is left to improve? Well a lot more, my friend, it does not end here. To keep a good dental hygiene you have to watch other habits too. This includes eating better, avoiding too much sugar and junk food, opting more for vegetable and fruits. That is why I encourage you to improve your diet to improve your dental health, it really makes the difference. You can begin by drinking more water.


Also avoid bad habits like abusing alcohol and cigarettes. Both are denture killers as they lead to teeth loss. If you want to keep your teeth forever, then try to quit these nasty habits. Also you should visit your dentist twice a year for regular checkups and cleaning. This will help you avoid tons of dental problems and treat them in time.

Life after flossing


As stated above, you need regular visits at the dentist. This is one of the easiest ways to have a beautiful smile. You will not have perfect white teeth without the help of a good dentist. But I know it can be expensive to afford one, but you are in luck today. You can save more than 50% of dental treatment in Dental del Rio in Los Algodones, Mexico. If you are interested, keep reading to know how to schedule an appointment.


It is really simple, you can use the contact form to receive an email with a FREE estimate. Or call us at the phone number above to receive FREE consultation and schedule your appointment. We will help you every step of the way so you trip will be as easy and confortable as possible.


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