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Avoid damaging your teeth everyday

Hello, hope you are doing ok and welcome back to our blog. This week we have some tips to stop damaging your teeth. There are many bad habits that we do every day that can ruin our teeth. Accidents happen but we can do everything in our power to avoid it. Or at least to put our teeth in a position that they are safe so they do not get chipped or break.

Not only that, bad habits can also stain your teeth and give you bad breath. It is important to be conscious to stop them and improve your smile. It does not matter what age you have, dental hygiene must be a priority in your life. Especially if you are young, these tips will help you get the smile of your dreams. If this sounds interesting and useful keep reading!

Bad habit that are damaging your teeth

Poor dental hygiene

Many problems patients have with their teeth is poor dental hygiene. They do not brush their teeth every day, and if they do, they do not floss nor rinse. This is a very important ritual in your everyday life to sustain good teeth. Your teeth won’t be healthy if you do not clean them properly every day. That is why I am going to point out all the mistakes you are making that are damaging your teeth.

The first one is to not brushing your teeth at least twice a day. As I said above, many patients think is enough to brush your teeth once a day. Others do not brush at all, which is the worst choice you can make in your life. The most optimal way is to brush 3 times a day, especially after every meal. That way your teeth will be white and healthy. Do not forget to brush your gums and tongue too.

After brushing you should use dental floss to get rid of food debris stuck between your teeth. This food debris can rot away and take your teeth with them. It creates caries, gum infection and bad breath. No one wants any of that so clean between your teeth. You can also use an interdental brush to do the job if you feel more comfortable with it.

Then after you are finished you have to rinse with mouthwash.  If you use antiseptic mouthwash it will be better for your dental hygiene. You want to kill all bacteria and protect your teeth at the same time. Remember that you want to use only dental products with the ADA seal of approval. Another good tip is to change your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months and cleaning before use. Dry it and store it in a dry place to avoid germs and bacteria in your mouth.

Bad eating habits

Bad eating habits are also damaging your teeth. If you consume a lot of sugar then that means bad news for your teeth. Sugar debilitates your teeth, weakens them and stains them. Dental cavities are caused mostly by high sugar consumption. You need to tone it down a bit if you wish to keep your teeth health for the rest of your life.

The same thing goes for artificial colorant. Soft drinks tend to be colored artificial. Most of these artificialcolorants stain your teeth pretty badly. However you have to mind that coffee and alcohol also can damage your smile, stained them. You need to consume more natural juices and water to keep your teeth healthy. Staying hydrated is also important for your dental hygiene. Many patients fail to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, ignoring that this can ruin their teeth in the long run.

In case you did not know, water is very important for your teeth. It helps our mouth to produce more saliva. Saliva acts like a barrier that clean and protect your teeth naturally. The more hydrated you have, the more saliva your body produces. A dry mouth can open the door to many diseases and can damage your gums and tongue. Always ask your dentist for more dental health tips.

Another mistake very common many patients do is biting into hard things. Ice is the most common thing they tend to bit into, but is a no go. Using your teeth to bite hard things like pencils, candies, and such can make them chip or break easily. Especially with a poor nutrition and hygiene this can lead to a disaster indeed. Stop doing this and try to find other alternatives to calm stress and anxiety.

One thing I can suggest is to chew sugarless gum. This is a habit I picked up some years ago and it worked wonderful for me. The fact that it does not have any ingredients that damage my teeth is fantastic. You can use it once a day to help you exercise your jaw and produce more saliva. Gum with sugar won’t work because it will weaken your teeth and dry your mouth because of the sugar.

Not going to the dentist is damaging your teeth pretty badly

Getting regular checkup and cleaning every 6 months is important for your dental hygiene too. Not going to the dentist is like not going to the doctor for regular exams. You cannot detect and prevent diseases if you do not go to a professional. The thing is that many patients say that going to the dentist is too expensive. It does not have to be this way.

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Now you know everything you are doing wrong in your dental hygiene routine. So subscribe if you liked it and want to read more articles like this. Cheers!

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