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Better habits for better teeth in the long run

Hello guys hope you are having an excellent weekend just like me. There are many habits that are really good for our teeth. Others, are just plainly worse, but you can change them for better ones that can change your life in the long run. That is why today I bring some habits you can start applying to have better teeth. Dental hygiene is really important for your health and for your beautiful smile.


These tips are new ones I have been trying in my life over the last months. I have to say that the results are pretty amazing and I am very impressed. Also I have been recommending them to my patients too, to monitor the results. It’s been a mini experiment that has improved my patients’ dental health. So if you wish to get that beautiful smile you see on TV and movies keep reading to know more about this.


Improving your dental hygiene habits


Let’s cut the chase and begin with the tips I have prepared for you today. I want you to learn some tricks to improve your dental hygiene. These are some habits you can introduce in your life very easily. I will make it very simply for you to follow so you can lean them pretty quick. So let’s see how what will be our aces under our sleeves.

Cleaning between your teeth


This is a habit not many patients have. They think that brushing their teeth will be more than enough to maintain a good dental hygiene. The truth is that this is false, as you need to use dental floss and mouthwash in your dental hygiene routine.  Leaving food debris between your teeth can be fatal for your teeth. This debris will rot and cause dental cavities and infection. So leaving there for days and weeks will deteriorate your dental health.


This is such a mistake that is can give you a very bad breath. Remember that cleaning your teeth is mandatory for a healthy smile, this include all surfaces. So to avoid more stains and dental diseases, flossing will be the best for you. Afterwards do not forget to rinse using antiseptic mouthwash to kill all bacteria and germs remaining in your mouth. Doing this every day will give you a fresh breath.


Also there is another tool you can use to specifically clean between your teeth. It is the interdental brush, which use like a small toothbrush. This is amazing to clean those difficult areas to reach. If you use orthodontics this will help you immensely too. Now you know that you have no excuses to clean between your teeth and leave it spotless.


Drinking water


Keeping your mouth hydrated can do a lot for your dental hygiene. The secret behind this is saliva which is made from water. Saliva acts as natural cleaner and cleansing of your mouth. Not drinking enough water can make your soft tissue very dry which can debilitate your teeth. 8 glasses of water is what most dentists recommend to stay well hydrated.


Another trick you can use is to chew sugarless gum to produce more saliva. This is a habit I picked last year and has done wonders for my dental health. Just remember to drink lots of waters to be able to produce enough saliva. Both go hand by hand so you cannot forget one or the other. Speaking of drinking, if you use straws for soft drinks it can help you avoid staining your teeth as much as without one. Dental hygiene is in the simple things you can do to improve it.


No vices


Avoiding nasty habits such as alcohol and smoking can do a lot for your teeth. Specially quitting tobacco because is the worst among all. Cigarettes can stain your teeth, cause gum infection, bad breath and teeth loss. Worst case scenario it can cause cancer, so you have to be really careful. If you wish to keep your teeth forever you have to at least reduce the consumption of these substances.


Another bad habit you have to be careful is biting objects. Biting pencils, bones, ice and hard candies for example, can make your teeth chip or break. Many patients come to the clinic with their teeth wrecked thanks to these habits. I suggest the sugarless gum in this case too to mitigate the damage you do to your teeth.


Best habit ever, going to the dentist


The best habit you can do for your teeth is visiting your dentist. Scheduling an appointment twice a year is a must to have a healthy smile. Your teeth will thank you for doing this looking amazing. Regular checkup and cleaning at the dentist will avoid most dental diseases in time. I suggest you make an appointment with us because we have the best prices ever in Los Algodones Mexico. You can save more than 50% of the cost compared to the United States and Canada.

We follow only American Dentists Association standards along with up to date modern facilities. If you wish to have any dental treatment we have you covered. Dental crowns, cleaning, whitening dental implants and more. Our specialty is dental implants, so you can get an ALlon4 with the best dentist in town at our clinic. Click in our team to know them and see their CV in detail.


To make an appointment is really simple and FREE. Just use the contact form above to send us a message. Remember to put your contact information so we can get back with you. You will receive a quote based in your comments and then we can schedule the appointment. Also, you can use the phone number above to call us in business hours to make the appointment.


That is all for today, hope this help you to get whiter teeth. Remember to keep up a good dental hygiene routine along with healthy habits. In a couple of months you will see the difference and smile wide and proud. See you next week in the next article!



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