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Avoiding bad breath in the morning

Hi dear readers, today I want to help you avoid bad breath in the morning. This is a common problem among many patients. I think we all have been there, waking up and having a foul breath first time in the morning. This can be caused by a lot of reasons, but it can be […]

Drinks that stain your smile badly

Hellos guys, welcome to our awesome blog for dental.  There some drinks that are really bad for your smile, you should know them. Today we are going to make a list of the worst one for your teeth. I want to share some dental hygiene tips to avoid stained tips along with recommendations. That way […]

Bad habits you must not do to your teeth

Hi guys, today I want to talk about important habits. In today’s topic I will write about the top things you must not do to your teeth. Many patients that come to the clinic have crazy stories about how their teeth were ruined. I want to share some of their experience to teach you guys […]