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Sugar-Free Gum And Its Benefits

It is pretty well known that gum is a very popular item in the States. Considering it is a really easy way to freshen your breath in places you need it to be, and also pretty likeable around kids, it was about time we brought the benefits of sugar-free gum to our readers. So we […]

Bone Graft: What Is It?

Greetings, everybody! We shall briefly address the topic of the bone graft procedure, which greatly help in other dental procedures. A bone graft is generally used in order to help the patient have a much better chance at getting a dental implant for example. You see, dental implants require enough bone tissue in order to […]

How To Improve Your Smile

One of the first things that we notice in people is that, their smile. And although it might take some time in order to attain that desired pearly white smile, it is possible! It is just a matter of following some habits religiously, in order to take proper care of those teeth. Doing this will […]

Soothing Toothache Pain

Have you found yourself in a situation where you are suffering from a toothache, and in no position to visit a dentist at the moment? If so, then keep reading, as down below you will be reading about common remedies that will help the cause.   First, do you know what causes it? This is […]

Incipient Caries: What Is It?

Hello, folks! Today we shall be talking about incipient caries, which is quite a simple topic. If you have heard the name or your dentist told you that you have it, then you are at a good time. Even more so that with today’s understanding and knowledge, it no longer requires getting rid of the […]

Receding Gums: What Is It?

Suffering from receding gums is not all that uncommon, as there are many reasons why it can happen. Even more so when all the attention is on the teeth rather than what keeps them there, the gums! When you think about it like that, you start to realize just how big of a role they […]

Cavities: Tips And Information

Cavities are one of the most common reasons why you should visit a dentist. It does not matter if it starts small, we all have to check our teeth as well to pay the dentist a visit. Los Algodones dentists recommend appointing a visit at least once every six months, so twice a year. As […]

How To Brush With Braces

For those who are new to braces, or even if you are just curious, then this article will prove useful for you. It does not matter if you got them recently or if you just cannot get it right: brushing when wearing braces requires a bit more effort. After all this contraption is glued to […]

The Harm Soda Does To Our Teeth

It is quite common to associate soda to tooth decay, and here we will explain you why. By soda we are obviously referring to all those fizzy, bubbly carbonated drinks! And though they are harmful, that does not mean you have to quit them entirely. Just by taking the proper measures and avoiding abuse of […]

Bad Habits You Must Stop When Brushing

The year is almost to a close, and we want to keep the best habits that we can! Furthermore, we also want to boast a healthy, bright smile for all those photos that are coming. As such, we wish to brush off the bad brushing habits and keep the good ones!   Swapping your toothbrush […]