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Parts of the Tooth: General Information

In today’s article, we shall learn a little bit about the different parts of a tooth.

There are different problems that can affect dental health, and depending on the issue, they target a different part of our teeth.


What are the parts of a tooth?


Tooth namel

The enamel is the first line of defense of the tooth. It is the hard-shelled surface that surrounds it and that acts as a protective barrier.

First of all, you should know that the tooth enamel is made out of the hardest substance in our bodies. It is a mineral so it has no living tissue. Thanks to this is that we are able to bite down and chew food, but also helps from keeping bacteria from reaching the soft inside.

The enamel can also thin and wear down throughout use and age, where it loses minerals. Due this it is important to keep healthy habits, so Los Algodones dentists recommend brushing and watching for harmful behaviors.



Right underneath the hard enamel is where the dentin is. Unlike our enamel, dentin is a bit softer and has microscopic tubules that leads to the tooth’s pulp.

Dentin is also a yellowish color so when the tooth enamel thins, it is easier for teeth to look yellow.



Cementum plays the role of protecting the tooth’s roots. So instead of having tooth enamel, there is cementum. It also helps giving stability to the tooth as it is embedded in the jawbone.

Unlike the enamel, cementum is not as hard, making it more susceptible to bacteria attack. Gum disease and smoking habits can pull back the gum tissue making the root expose, where the cementum is.



This is the soft inside of your tooth. Every tooth has it inside and it is especially sensitive to pressure and temperature, so whenever there is discomfort or pain, it’s because it affects the tooth pulp.

It can be affected by decay, a crack or chip, or even through weakened enamel.



This another part of the tooth that is important to talk about. The root acts as an anchor that lets the teeth be fixed in place. Thanks to them is that our teeth are able to withstand the pressure we exert on them.



How to take care of our teeth?

For this we have to be very mindful about what we do to keep decay and problems away. Los Algodones dentists gives us an array of tips you can follow in order to protect your pearly whites:


Good Oral HabitsToothparts1

This entails good oral practices such as brushing, flossing and rinsing.

  • It is important to brush twice a day, for two minutes each session. Typically before heading to sleep and after waking up so bacteria has no easy chance to target your teeth.
  • Then we have flossing, which can be done before or after we brush. Dental floss helps a great deal at removing the plaque that the toothbrush cannot get to.
  • Lastly we have mouth rinsing, which we recommend using a therapeutic mouthwash. If you have recurrent problems such as tooth decay, bad breath, or gum disease, then there’s a mouthwash for that!



When you think about dental care, fluoride has to come to mind. Fluoride is a mineral that helps in the remineralization of the tooth enamel, as such it cannot go missing.

Make sure to include it through toothpastes, mouthwashes, and even tap water.


Dental visits

Do not underestimate regular checkups at the dental office. Visiting a dentist every six months (twice a year) proves extremely useful. Think about it, not only are you getting thorough cleanings, but also have a professional checking for any other issue you might not realize you have.


If you happen to look for professional dental checkups, make sure to check us out. Any problem or concern about the process, you can contact us at any time.