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Bone Graft: What Is It?

Greetings, everybody! We shall briefly address the topic of the bone graft procedure, which greatly help in other dental procedures. A bone graft is generally used in order to help the patient have a much better chance at getting a dental implant for example.

You see, dental implants require enough bone tissue in order to be stable, and that is where the bone graft comes in. Our Los Algodones dentist know just how scary it sounds, but we will try our best to explain it here.


Definition of bone graft

So we gave you some hints at the beginning, now we will further explain it.

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that uses bone from another place in your own body (autograft) or from a donor (allograft) in order to repair an area that has suffered from loss or damage of bone. In the case of an autograft, it is usually taken from your chin, hips, legs or even hips. Although nowadays it is possible to do so with a biocompatible synthetic material, which makes it even easier.

This procedure is usually carried out in the scenario where a patient’s jawbone is too thin to hold a dental implant. Thus, making it possible for nearly everybody to get a dental implant of their own.


Benefits and importance

Not only is bone grafting used for dental implants! It is a very reliable procedure that can happen anywhere in your body. There are several reasons why you would require one:

  • Fractures that might not heal properly. Getting a bone graft in these cases helps a ton in the fuse of the bones.
  • Fractures that haven’t healed will have a new chance to heal properly thanks to this procedure.
  • Helps in the scenario where the bone is diseased, such is the case in cancer.
  • Promotes healing around implanted devices, such as screws, plates, dental implants, etc.


What happens during the bone graft procedure?

It is a simple procedure in retrospective:

  • First you must be examined in order to rule that you are fit for the procedure. Certain medication or conditions might affect it, so it is important to go through safety first. Your dentist will ask you several questions in order to know your medical history.
  • Once you are good to go, then there comes the procedure. The affected area in your mouth that requires the bone graft is of course cleaned and treated. After this the bone graft material is used on the area. This material can be from your own, from a donor, or made from a synthetic material that is biocompatible.
  • That is basically it for the bone graft procedure. It then needs to recover, which can take up to 6 months. This time is necessary as the body will be renewing the bone material as its own. Then after the recovery it is safe to get a dental implant, for example.

Of course, you will have to follow certain instructions as to make the recovery go as smoothly as possible. This all will be explained by your dentist and of course you can ask as them many questions as you want. Also, remember to give them a call or visit in case you feel there is something that needs attention, as things such as smoking, medication all play a huge factor.

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