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What to eat to have perfect white teeth?

  Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great week. I was eating a really nice cake and noticed afterward when brushing my teeth that they were a bit stained. This made me worry about how I made them that stained instead of perfect white teeth. After thinking for a bit I reached the […]

Why you should remember to floss your teeth every day

Flossing is one of those activities that we all feel very lazy to do. I honestly do not know anyone that really enjoys using dental floss to clean their teeth. But if it not were that important dentists would not tell you to do it every day after brushing your teeth. So why should we […]

How to improve your brushing technique easily!

Hi guys, long time no see! Hope you had a great week. Today I want to teach you how to improve your brushing technique by tenfold using these simple tips. Having good technique when brushing your teeth is really important to nail your dental hygiene routine. This not only improve your teeth health, but also […]

Why dental implants are the best option for replacing teeth

  Hi everyone! Welcome back to another serious topic about cosmetic dentistry. Today I want to discuss about the importance of using dental implants for replacing teeth in patient. As many of you may know, implants are more and more popular than ever thanks to their effectiveness. If you are on the fence about getting […]

Are dental crowns worth your money?

Hi everyone, this is a question many patients ask me. I understand that investing hard earned money in dental treatment is a very important thing. We do not want to waste money on a treatment that will not give us the smile we want. This often occurs with dental crowns, as many patients tend to […]

How To Accomplish A Great Brushing Session

We have always been carrying the task of brushing once in the morning and once at night. Yet is that considered great brushing? Through this ritual task is that we get our first line of defense against bacteria that wear down our tooth enamel. For this reason, we have to understand why it is important […]

Tips & Habits To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

It is always good to have a good understanding of what can keep your mouth healthy in the long run. Having tips and habits serve as a great way to not only maintain a good oral health, but also to impart this knowledge to our kids. If we wish to maintain our teeth in great […]