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Do you want the best price for Allon4?

Hi guys let save some money in Allon4. It is a very popular treatment in Los Algodones because it gives the patient a permanent fixed denture, for an affordable price if you choose Dental del Rio. The procedure is very expensive in the States and getting a good price is quite hard by itself. But […]

Dental veneers are perfect for you

The way our teeth look affects many areas of our lives. It is important that our smile look good in order to be at peace. Having bad teeth can affect our confidence and self-esteem, you cannot deny that it is a very important part of our lives. Unfortunately for some people, they have problems with […]

Identify bad habits for your dental hygiene

IToday I will help you identify certain practices that can be very bad for your dental hygiene. Some of them you may know by now, others simply are overlooked. The most important thing is to point them out so you start to take better care of your teeth. The best way to take good care […]

Best way to fix chipped teeth easily

Hello guys, welcome back to our blog. Chipped teeth are one of the most common reasons why patients come to our clinic. It is understandable and relatable that you feel ugly or that your smile is not as good as others. But do not despair, it is something that have an easy fix and today […]

How to solve common dental problems

Hello! It is so nice to see you again in our humble blog. Today I want to talk about common dental problems I get asked a lot. I will teach you what you can do to solve them easily. All dental problems can be fixed, so do not despair. The best thing you can do […]

Problems getting a white smile?

We all want a beautiful white smile, and work every day to get it, or at least try. Most of us do not have perfect white teeth due to coffee and other bad habits like smoking. It is really difficult to maintain a good healthy smile, but today I want to share some secrets that […]

You need dentures as soon as possible

Many patients asked a lot about getting dentures which is a valid interesting question. Most of them wonder about if it is necessary to get them or if they should go for a different dental treatment for teeth replacement. Today I will answer this so you can get new teeth with a denture and smile […]

Can I get dental implants to fix my teeth?

Getting dental implants is not an easy choice. There is so much to consider before commenting to this dental treatment. Luckily for you, we are going to help you taking this decision with our recommendations. We are Dental del Rio, one of the top dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico and we are here to […]

Best way to brush your teeth

One question I sure get a lot here is about how to brush your teeth. There are many techniques and tricks that can certainly improve this activity. Today I will share my top personal habits when it comes to brushing. They will help younger and elder alike to improve their dental hygiene. Brushing is important […]

How to treat dental caries

Hi glad to see you again in this awesome blog. Dental caries is one of the most common causes of appointment at our clinic. Many patients experiences the horrific pain and the must see a dentist as soon as possible. That is why today we will learn about caries and how to avoid them. This […]