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Choosing Your Mouthwash: Cosmetic or Therapeutic?

We have probably filled your head with how important it is to brush and floss your teeth daily. Yet there is another powerful tool out there to help alongside with them! It is the mouthwash, which comes in two forms: cosmetic and therapeutic.

In this article, with the help of Los Algodones dentists, we have written some points that will be of your interest. Just what is a mouthwash? How can we benefit from it? What’s the difference between a cosmetic and therapeutic mouthwash? Is it better if they include alcohol or not?


What a mouthwash is

A mouthwash is a powerful tool when used in the right hands. First of all, it does not replace daily brushing and flossing AT ALL.

You see, rinsing our mouth does not have the power to remove food debris and plaque away from our teeth. However, it has helpful components that can keep bacteria away from longer, strengthen our teeth, and even tackle bad breath problems.


Benefits and advantages

Just what good does swishing and rinsing with mouthwash do? Here are some of the benefits and advantages that it brings:

  • Protects our teeth from tooth decay and bacteria that develop cavities.
  • Aids against gum disease and gingivitis.
  • Rinses away loosened foreign particles after brushing and flossing.
  • Helps with canker sores.


Cosmetic vs Therapeutic

Now, there are many, MANY types of mouthwash out there. If you ever visit a pharmacy in Los Algodones, you’ll see all the different mouthwashes with their colors, labels and shapes.

This is where making the distinction between a cosmetic and therapeutic mouthwash plays out.

  • Cosmetic. A cosmetic mouthwash is what you should seek for when you just want to freshen your mouth. It does not have the components to actively get rid of problems or strengthen your teeth. Think of it like just a good finish for when you are about to head outside.
  • Therapeutic. A therapeutic mouthwash, on the other hand, is tailored to tackle specific problems. These yield and have important components known to battle and keep bacteria at bay. You should aim for these if you want to improve your oral health, rather than just maintain a fresh breath for some time.


Alcohol or no alcohol?

Nowadays, alcohol is used in mouthwashes to help as an antiseptic. These can bring benefits as well as disadvantages to the table.

With alcohol, you will sense that burning feeling to be more noticeable. It helps fighting bacteria more than one that would lack of it. Many people advise against these, as it not only kills the bad bacteria but also the good. Moreover, for people suffering of dry mouth, it makes the mouth feel even more dry afterwards.

Without alcohol, it might not help getting clear everything out bacteria-wise as an alcohol one. Yet it becomes much more pleasant to use, and also makes it safer for the younger ones in the family. Also, too much alcohol can irritate a canker sore more than it would soothe it.

We recommend picking a mouthwash with no alcohol, as they are better for the whole family. Moreover, just because the mouthwash does not have alcohol does not deem it ineffective; there are many components added to them in order to work wonders. It is not the alcohol that does everything when it comes to a good mouthrinse.

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