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Coffee Stains: Tips & Whitening

Nowadays, it is common to start the day with a cup of coffee, which leads to coffee stains on our teeth. We all want to achieve a white, pearly smile like those we see on TV, but for that we need to take proper measures.

So for those who wish to be conscious about the effects that coffee can have on your teeth, this is for your oral health. With this article we hope to tell you what they are, how they form and how to avoid them!


How do coffee stains happen?

Due the coffee’s natural acidity, it affects the tooth enamel when it comes in contact with our teeth. It is like when teeth naturally lose color and turn yellow as we grow old. The stains are likely to reach deeper if we let coffee sit in our mouth for long periods of time. But do not worry, we will give you some tips and solutions for them.

For now, it is important to be that there are certain habits that makes staining our teeth more possible. Of course, this also goes for soda and tea:

  • Constantly sipping on coffee throughout the day.
  • Not drinking water to help wash away the coffee remains.
  • A lack of dental hygiene habits.


Tips to keep your teeth white

We understand the importance of keeping your teeth white. Our dentists in Los Algodones recommend these tips for you to take care of that smile:

  • You can use a straw so the contact the coffee has on your teeth keeps to a minimum. Although this works best for sodas, as it is indeed a bit of a silly sight.
  • Remember to drink water after drinking coffee. Water not only keeps you hydrated and boosts your saliva production, but also helps rinsing your mouth while at it.
  • Drink coffee in moderation. Too much of something is bad for you, so it is good to notice bad patterns when we see them. If you see yourself getting more anxious and stressed, remember that it can lead to grinding your teeth as well.
  • Remember that acidic foods wear down our enamel. This is important to know because if you plan to brush your teeth right after, you might be tearing away your enamel more. This will make it easier for you to develop tooth sensitivity. It is good to brush, but not in such a short time frame.
  • Last but not least, it is very important to floss, as most of the stains are between the teeth. Just the brush alone won’t do to reach all the areas that need to be reached. For this, make sure you do not forget to floss!


What can I do to whiten my teeth?

There are several ways and procedures that might interest you if you want to have whiter teeth. The most basic way would be to use a whitening toothpaste, which has abrasives. These toothpastes help polish as well as remove stains that are in the surface, though they take a while. There are also bleaching whiteners, which are more potent. Though if used carelessly, they can result in tooth sensitivity. These are available over-the-counter or from a dentist.

As for procedures, teeth whitening is a very popular one. The dentist uses professional tools and materials to get the most effective results in just one session. It can be through the use of components or through laser. Veneers are also an option for this. Veneers are a thin shell that is glued in front of the teeth in order to cover up imperfections. Not only will these help towards cracks, dents and stains, but also towards achieving a whiter color.


If you are interested in these procedures, you can consult our prices here. Los Algodones, Mexico is home of more than 300 professional dentist trained in the US and overseas, so if you have a problem, do not hesitate in contacting us!

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