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Most Common Treatments at the Dentist Office

In today’s article we shall be reviewing the most common treatments that people get at the office. There is no shame nor anything bad in having to visit your dentists every once in a while, rather, it is a healthy thing to do!

In Los Algodones we have plenty of procedures and treatments to give our patients, so in order to give hindsight and information, we shall tell you a little bit about them.


Common treatments performed at the office

Bridges and implants

These are one of the most common treatments among patients. The procedure itself helps replacing one or more teeth together.

The name ‘bridge‘ is pretty self-explanatory: an artificial tooth or teeth in-between its healthy neighbors, which can be either natural teeth or dental implants. These do not include the root of the teeth, so it does not require surgery.

Now for implants, it does require more work as they usually replace the entire missing tooth. This is done by using titanium, drilled into the jawbone to act as the root of the tooth. Then a piece that looks like a real crown is set on top for it to look and work like a real tooth.


Fillings and repairs

When cavities and tooth decay affect our teeth, it leaves deep crevices and holes that need some patching.

Both fillings and repairs are a common treatment that use restorative material in order to fill the gap. Of course, the area is thoroughly cleaned and washed beforehand so no traces of harmful bacteria is left once it is sealed.

All of the materials bond well with the teeth, they even resemble the color of the patient’s tooth color.


Dental crowns

When a tooth has gone through heavy damage, like cracks or chips, one of the ways to fix that is with some added strength from a dental crown.

Dental crowns act like a permanent cover in order to protect for the lack of tooth enamel. This is done by reshaping the tooth and fitting a natural looking piece that will be cemented into place. This does not hinder nor looks unnatural, it is a common treatment that masks and protects the teeth.



Tooth extractions are a last resort, as a duty of a dentist is to salvage and save the teeth if there is a chance. As such, when it is beyond repair, the tooth needs to go before it causes trouble to the patient.

All extractions are under anesthesia, so there are no worries about feeling actual pain during the treatment. Now there are two ways to extract a tooth:

  • Simple extraction. Where just loosening the tooth is enough to remove it. This is usually the case for teeth that are visible and pose a threat for the others.
  • And surgical extraction. Where it is necessary to make a cut in the gum tissue in order to actually access the tooth that is not coming out properly.


Root canals

Once the pulp, which is inside the root of our teeth, goes bad, it becomes an issue for the surrounding teeth.

To deal with all the complications, the dentist removes the pulp, cleans the area and then fills it up . This gets rid of the infection and prevents an abscess, also saves the trouble of a tooth extraction.


If you are interested in these treatments to take care of your teeth, you are most welcome even if it is for questions and doubts. By getting in touch with us, you are getting in touch with the best dentists in Los Algodones as well!

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