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Dental Cleaning: What Happens During One?

When we are on our visit to the dentist, there is a certain routine that no one can escape from: a dental cleaning. Sure, you might have one and know that they are certainly to clean our teeth, but it actually has several steps in order to carry out properly.

So for today’s article, we shall be talking about what a dental cleaning is, the different types of dental cleanings, how it is performed , when it is the best time to do so, and more! All thanks to the information provided to us by our dentists in Los Algodones.


What is a dental cleaning

A dental cleaning is not only a way to get your smile thoroughly cleaned out of bacteria and plaque. It also works a diagnosis to check on many aspects of the mouth.

Through the dental cleaning, a dentist will also check your gum tissue for pockets. This way they’ll know if you are suffering from periodontitis and at which severity. The dentist can also check for any strange shapes or lumps inside your cancer, as it may be cancer or other complication.

Other than this, a dental cleaning helps keeping our teeth in good shape. After all, without a good oral care we would be losing them all by the time we turn 50!


What types are there

When talking about the different cleanings there are, we can usually narrow them to two: basic and deep cleanings.

  • Basic cleanings: these are usually done in only one session. The dentist seeks and focuses on cleaning the surface of our teeth. This includes the spaces between our teeth and the crevices and nooks our back teeth may have. They also check for pockets and clear them out. It is also a good way to get an overview of our mouth and to see if we need to pay attention to a specific place.
  • Deep cleanings: these are more extensive and exhaustive, and have follow-up sessions to check on our mouth. This seeks to remove all plaque and tartar accumulated even under our gumline. The dentist will check for pockets generated by gum disease and clear them out. These cleanings usually are more necessary for those with a lack of dental habits.


How a dental cleaning is performed

They all start, of course, with a small examination of our mouths. This includes the teeth, gums and any plaque and how it has affected the current state of our mouth. This gives the dentist a good idea of how to tackle everything, as well as giving them an idea of what they have to pay most attention to.

The dentist will then use an array of tools to perform their job. This goes from small mirrors to scalers, tooth polishers and, of course, the water hose and suction hose. Scalers are small instruments that look like hooks, they have pointy heads perfect for removing tartar and calculus. The dentist will use these to clean and scrape the tartar off the teeth, paying attention to the back ones as well.

After that, the teeth are polished. For this, a flavored polish is used which helps removing the leftover tartar and give a nice silky smooth finish.

Finally, everything is rinsed and optionally you can get some flossing done. This ensures that no plaque nor tartar is left behind.


When is the best time to get a dental cleaning

Los Algodones dentists recommend making an appointment at least once every 6 months. This ensures that you get routinely checked for any problems that might develop over time.

With two dental checkups a year, out dentists can keep track of how your mouth changes and what cares it requires. As our bodies change, so do our oral care!

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