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Dental veneers are perfect for you

The way our teeth look affects many areas of our lives. It is important that our smile look good in order to be at peace. Having bad teeth can affect our confidence and self-esteem, you cannot deny that it is a very important part of our lives. Unfortunately for some people, they have problems with their teeth. But do not despair, you can solve any dental problem with the right treatment.


One of the most popular for sure is veneers. You can get one to cover a tooth or even form a new smile if you choose to cover the front teth. For today’s article let’s learn a little more about them and why it the best dental treatment for you. Besides, we will tackle the dental hygiene subject of how to take care of your teeth so they can last you longer.


Why choose dental veneers

Dental veneers are one of the hottest dental treatments at the moment in Los Algodones, Mexico. They are an incredibly attractive investment because they can make your smile look beautiful at a low cost. Many patients come to our clinic asking about this wonderful treatment so let’s review the top reasons why to get them.

Easy to get


It is a treatment that uses a thin mask to cover the tooth. This means that it is very easy to get. Easy and quick, two things patients love at the dentist’s office. There are some veneers that you can get as DIY but I honestly cannot recommend those. They are really cheap, yes, but they are made from acrylic.it is a material that I cannot recommend for cosmetic dentistry at all, too many risks involved.


This makes them easy to stain and break. It is ten times better to get porcelain veneers at a dentist. If you are looking for excellent prices for dental veneers use our contact form to get a FREE estimate. You can save more than 50% in dental veneers if you come to our clinic in Los Algodones. We will make sure your smile look amazing again, more on that later.


Dental veneers made from porcelain


As we stated above, porcelain is the best material for dental veneers. The main reason is that porcelain look and feel close to the natural teeth. This is amazing because it gives that natural aesthetic most patients are looking for. Besides this makes them easy to maintain in good condition. You can brush it, floss it and rinse it just like natural teeth. This make it very simple to get and maintain it over the years.


It is so durable that it can last 20 years if you take good care of them. You may have been wondering if it is painful to get. The answer is absolutely no, although the dentist has to build up the teeth, it does not hurt one bit. If you are looking a smile make over, that can last you a lifetime, we suggest porcelain veneers!




How to take care of dental veneers


Dental hygiene also plays a huge part for your veneers’ maintenance. Not taking proper care of them can shorten their usage span.  That is why is so important to maintain a good dental hygiene routine despite having false teeth. Besides bad dental hygiene also can affect your tongue and gums, giving you many diseases.


To avoid all of this I strongly recommend to brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. Use dental floss to get rid of food stuck between your teeth. Rinse with mouthwash at the end and you will maintain your dental veneers in top shape. Using the right tools also help a ton, like using a soft bristle toothbrush and antiseptic mouthwash to keep all the bacteria and germs in check.




Things to avoid


Avoid to sodas, sugar, alcohol and tobacco as they can stain your crowns. You do not want them to turn yellow and ruin your looks. In case you are wondering you can get whitening just as natural teeth to make them white again. The same advices also apply if you are using dental veneers or dental implants. What is important in here is to keep your teeth clean and neat.


Chewing or biting into hard things is a no go. You are risking chipping or breaking your dental veneers. Things like hard candies, bones and ice can make your crowns fall apart. You cannot imagine how many patients come to our clinic with the pieces after their bad habits. That is why I suggest to always treating your crowns like natural teeth.


Of course, this will depend on the type and quality of the work. I suggest to look for a good dental clinic with an excellent lab, like the ones at Dental del Rio. Good work will endure the test of time and with proper care can last even a lifetime.




Where to get top quality dental veneers?

If you are interested in getting top quality dental crowns and veners but do not want to pay over price, we suggest coming to Dental del Rio in Los Algodones, Mexico. We are proud to say that we have helped more than thousands of costumers get affordable dental care. You can check our reviews and know other patients’ experience traveling to the country.


We can guarantee that you can save 50% of the treatment cost and help you locate the best dentists for your budget and accommodations. To get a FREE quote just fill the contact form or call us to the number above at business hours. do not be shy and say hi! Our patient coordinator will be with you every step of the way so you can arrive to our clinic easily.


We also work with any dental treatment, not only veneers. We work with dental implants which is our top specialty, cleaning and more. Do not be shy and hit us up to schedule an appointment now! This is all for today, see you next week with more dental tips to improve your dental health.

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