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Do you have Bruxism? How to stop it

Bruxism is a condition where the patient tends to grind their teeth together. This is bad for your dental health for several reasons. It wears down your teeth, stripping down the tooth enamel.  This can lead to some nasty consequences chipped teeth, breaking them or even tooth loss. It is more common than you think, so if you would like to learn more about it and stop it on its tracks, keep reading.

Causes of bruxism


This condition can be caused by several reasons, most of them psychological. It can be difficult to detect because you can grind your teeth consciously or unconsciously. There are patients who grind their teeth together out of anxiety or stress; others can do it while they are asleep. It can be frustrating to suffer from bruxism because over time the patient sees their smile destroyed.


We can say the condition is created by a bad habit. So to stop it you have to learn some self-control. We suggest to always seeking help from professionals such as therapist and dentists. They will be your best allies to beat bruxism. We at Dental del Rio in Los Algodones Mexico have our doors open to you. We have up to date facilities along with a prepared, friendly staff fluent in English.

How to treat it


To treat it you have to seek help as we stated above. Pinning down the reason to grind your teeth can help a lot because we now know what to improve. That way you can recover your teeth with some light dental procedure like veneers or crowns. But if you are grinding your teeth unconsciously or while you sleep you will need a mouth guard. Which is awesome because it will stop you from damaging your teeth, and you can use it while sleeping too!

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