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Don’t want to leave your toothbrush in the bathroom

Hi guys, welcome to another entry in this awesome blog. Today I want to tell you some of the reasons why you should not leave your toothbrush in the bathroom. This is a practice many people do, and that I did until some years ago. In case you did not know this is very bad for your dental health. Today we will see why and how to have a better dental hygiene.


Why leaving your toothbrush in the bathroom is bad

​How to Choose the Best Toothbrush

Ok let’s cut the chase and see why it is so bad to do this. It does not matter how squeaky clean your bathroom is, it is full of germs and bacteria. Leaving your toothbrush there, it will be inevitable that it gets dirt. Just imagine how much dirt it gets from the shower, toilet and sink. It is really gross if you get the picture.


But some of you may wonder, what is the big deal? Well, those bacteria and germs get into your mouth. That leaves you exposed to many dental diseases such as halitosis, gingivitis, dental caries and more. Not only that, brushing will only make things worse because you will be scrubbing all that on your teeth. Yuck.


So the best course of action is to clean your bathroom real good, clean your toothbrush very well and storing it in a safe place. Luckily today we will teach you how to do that exactly. Let’s begin with how to clean your toothbrush, and some tips that can help your dental hygiene.


How to clean your toothbrush


If you are the kind of person that “cleans” their toothbrush with water before brushing, you are disgusting. This does nothing to clean all the dirt and bacteria. The moisture will only create the perfect place so all germs can grow. You have to be better than that and use better methods to clean it.


What I suggest is to boil your toothbrush in water. The heat will safely clean all bacteria. Be safe and do not leave it more than a couple of minutes. That will be enough to get your toothbrush cleaned and hygienic. Some dentists recommend using alcohol but honestly, that can be dangerous. Even rinsing it with water is not safe enough to put it on your mouth. Boiling water is the safest way to go.


Afterwards, dry your brush with a towel. It is important to avoid leaving it moist and humid, as we said before, it is what attracts bacteria. Use a towel, but not any towels, keep an especial towel for your tooth brush. Pat gently the bristles and handle to dry it to avoid damaging the bristles. You can use a blow drier but it is tricky because it can damage the bristles.


One thing to keep in mind is to change your toothbrush every 2 months. There are some signs that will tell you that you need a new one. Open bristles is the obvious giveaway. Also any strange smell indicates you that your tooth brush is asking for a replacement. If you do not know how to pick the perfect toothbrush let me show you.


How to pick the perfect tooth brush

Picking the perfect tooth brush is an important part of dental hygiene. It makes brushing ten times more easily and it cleans your teeth better. The first tip I can give you when choosing any dental product is to seek for the ADA seal of approval in the package. This is a clear sign that the product is perfect for the job in question.


As for tooth brushes, soft bristles are king when it comes for dental hygiene. Many patients get it wrong and think hard bristles clean better. Although harder bristles has its uses, soft bristles are better to your gums and teeth. Many patient brush rapidly and aggressive, which do a lot of harm. It strips the tooth enamel and gums, be careful.


Try to brush gentle with soft movements. As for other traits, the handle has to be really confortable. You can see if the tooth brush has anti slip surface, which is really helpful. The head of the brush hast to be really modern with the shape of the bristles and if it has tongue cleaner too is a plus. Brushing your tongue and cheeks is just as important as brushing your teeth.


There are other perks you can keep an eye for, but it is all preference from here. What it is important is that it is comfortable and easy to use, besides its durability. All of these tips can be applied to electric toothbrushes, so keep a heads up for them too. I like using them because they are really easy to use and save lots of time.


Where to store your toothbrush


Now that you have the perfect brush and know how to clean it, let’s see where to store it. as we said before you do not want to leave it open in the bathroom. I know it is a common practice, but it is very anti hygienic. What you can do is use a case to store it, just remember to clean your toothbrush and case. Other than that there are other places to store it.


First thing to take in mind is that the tooth brush has to be dry, zero moisture. After drying your brush, you can put it in a drawer. I suggest keeping your toothbrush in your bedroom. Save a nice drawer for it. The less contact it has with open air, the better. What I always suggest is to clean your toothbrush after every use to avoid accumulation of germs and bacteria.


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