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Enamel Erosion: What To Know

Something we have to be aware about is the state of our tooth enamel. Certain things we do can affect it, either for good or for bad. That’s where this article comes in: we will be talking about enamel erosion and everything related to it!

Thanks to Los Algodones dentists, we will be going through the essentials to bring you a very easy to understand explanation of what’s going on.


What is this erosion?

In order to be on the same page, let’s explain a little bit of what the tooth enamel is. The tooth enamel is what makes the outer part of our tooth. It allows us to bite and chew food, as well as help us pronounce certain consonants properly.

Now this hard coat we call tooth enamel can wear down or break. When that happens, it exposes the soft inside of the teeth where the nerves are located. Erosion in the tooth enamel gives way to tooth sensitivity and also an easier time staining.


Usual symptoms of erosion

There are certain hints that can tell you if your teeth have eroded. These can vary from sensitivity to temperature and also some slight discoloration of your teeth. Also can lead to cracks and chips due the weak structure.

Enamel erosion not only affects the functionality, but also how our teeth look. It is not uncommon for them to look more yellow, rough around the edges, with shiny spots here and there.


Causes of enamel erosion

Since we are talking about the enamel’s health, then it is anything that causes harm to it:

  • Sugary, starchy, acidic foods and drinks. Soda, sweets, coffee and wine are a few examples of this. These tends to leave room for our tooth enamel to be subjected to erosion.
  • Bruxism and wrong use of the teeth. Grinding our teeth together and using them to open things like bottle caps help wearing down the enamel.
  • Dry mouth and low saliva production. Saliva helps greatly in ne utralizing bacteria and keeping the mouth protected against plaque.
  • Bulimia and other eating disorders. Anything that can subject the teeth to stomach acid greatly harms our pearly whites.


Erosion and Restoration of the tooth enamel

Although the tooth enamel itself cannot reproduce nor multiply itself, we need to take care of it. For this Los Algodones dentists recommend including fluoride in your life. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in water, and it helps rebuilding the tooth enamel.


How can we prevent tooth erosion?

Of course, we need to get our daily habits of brushing and flossing going. Regularly accomplish this ensures that we have a mouth free of bacteria roaming around. Drinking plenty of water works wonders for both our mouth and our body!

Other than this, it is highly beneficial to visit the dentists twice a year. A professional dentist is able to do a thorough cleaning and tell us if there is something going on. Not only would you be getting a cleaning, but also the opinion of an expert.

Once we have all of these going, we can always check on some other stuff. Cutting back acidic and sugary foods and drinks can help maintaining our mouth clean for as long as possible. A way to avoid the liquids from touching your teeth is to make use of a straw. Moreover, sugar-free chewing gum helps wonders as it increases saliva flow and helps dislodging foreign objects from your teeth.

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