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What Foods Are Harmful For Your Teeth?

In today’s article we shall review just what kind of foods are the ones to avoid for our teeth. More specifically, just what types and what makes them so bad for our pearly whites. Hopefully with this article you will be able to know what to look out for, either for minimizing or preventing!


When we consume food, there are two things we must be on the lookout for: sugar and acid.

High sugar present in food

It is widely known how sugar can affect our teeth, but do you know why? The bacteria in our teeth feed off the sugar that sticks to our teeth and converts it into acid. When this happens, the acid wears down the protective layer of our teeth, the tooth enamel. And that is how you get tooth decay and cavities!

As such, you might want to eat slightly less sweets if you want to keep your teeth away from harm. This is especially important to consider if you have kids, as they just love them!

There are tons of foods that contain lots of sugar. To name a few we have: sugar (hahaha), syrups, sweeteners, soft drinks, candies, dried fruits, cookies, cakes, pies, jams, spreads, cereals, sauces and ice cream.

This does not necessarily mean you have to avoid them, but be more conscious. If you consume something you know will harm your smile, make sure to also brush and rinse your mouth!


Foods that are highly acidic

Now we have foods that are highly acidic for our teeth. And you might be wondering: “What harm do they have for my teeth?” You see, that is exactly what the bacteria produce with sugar, acid. When the acid remains in contact with our teeth for far too long, they start to receive damage.

Some examples for food that are acidic: sodas, sweetened beverages, lemon juice, white bread, white rice, pasta, alcohol, and so on!


Foods that are sticky and chewy

These are dangerous as they tend to cling onto our teeth and gums. That way it turns into a constant supply for bacteria to grab on to and produce acids.

Common examples for these are gums, which is why our dentists in Los Algodones recommend sugarless gums. There is also peanut butter and jelly.


Foods that are hard to chew

This goes the same as bruxism, where you grind your teeth. I mean, we know the enamel a very hard surface, but that does not mean it is invincible.

Thins such as biting on ice and hard candy are clear examples of this. Keeping on with the habit might subject you to a cracked or chipped tooth!


Tips to prevent damage

  • Remember that snacking all the time or constantly is fatal for the health of your teeth. If you are going to snack, make sure to rinse your mouth after it.
  • You can also replace some snacks for healthier alternatives, like fruits and nuts.
  • If you are going to brush your teeth after a meal, remember to wait at least 20 minutes. The enamel might be a bit weakened after consuming foods with sugar and acid, making it easier to break.
  • You are free to use a straw to avoid sodas or juices from directly touching your teeth.
  • Make sure to rinse your mouth with water or use a mouthwash after a meal or snacking. In other words, make sure to keep your mouth clean and without residues!

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