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Giving Life To The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is a pretty old tradition that we have been carrying along for quite a while. It gives hindsight to many topics and customs, as well as helps keeping good oral care for our little kids.

So in today’s article we will be talking about the tooth fairy and bringing some other items that brought the attention of our Los Algodones dentists.


Why is this tradition important?

Sure, when we get down to it, why are we keeping this tradition? The answer is actually quite simple! It actually helps in keeping things interesting and making kids looking forward to taking better care of their teeth.

You see, there are many different tales all around the globe as to what the tooth fairy does. For example, that she is collecting the best teeth in order to build her own castle. For this reason comes the idea that she leaves better rewards for those teeth that are in their best shape.

Not only that, but also helps relieve and make a fantastic experience to a fallen tooth. Writing to the tooth fairy can turn into an adventure if done right. Though there is always the chance that the tooth fairy might not be able to visit, so it is always possible to leave a note notifying of these eventualities.


When does the role of tooth fairy begin?

The role of tooth fairy starts, obviously, when your child first starts shedding their baby teeth. This starts to happen at around the age of six, usually. There are actually tables and resources online that can help you track which teeth fall first than the others.

And for sure, by the time they lose all of the baby teeth, they will not be believing in the tooth fairy anymore. So although this little stage is short, it is best when enjoyed to the fullest, both as a parent and as a child.


Benefits of the tooth fairy

There are many advantages that the tooth fairy can bring. One of them being a better sense of duty when it comes to keeping oral habits on our young ones. Other benefits being giving color to one of the many phases of the tiny ones. Sharing is caring, and it shows into nurturing their future into a bright one.


How to be prepared for it?

Here in Los Algodones we have a good idea of how to be prepared to fulfill the role of tooth fairy. It simply breaks down into three items:

  • Have some small bills ready. As a child, we do not have a very good concept of monetary value. So having some small bills and coins kept apart will do nicely rather than only being able to spare big change.
  • Use this time for rewards for effort. The start of shedding and getting one foot onto our adult teeth is a huge step. For this, it is wise to remind your child to take good care of their teeth and to compliment their smile and fulfillment of dental routine.
  • Make use of colors and notes. Leaving a little message from the tooth fairy herself can leave an impact on your child. In order to make the experience more enjoyable, make use of colorful designs and tools to appeal to them!


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