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The Harm Soda Does To Our Teeth

It is quite common to associate soda to tooth decay, and here we will explain you why. By soda we are obviously referring to all those fizzy, bubbly carbonated drinks!

And though they are harmful, that does not mean you have to quit them entirely. Just by taking the proper measures and avoiding abuse of it will reflect on our teeth. So with this articles, we are going to give you some helpful information so that you can take the proper measures.


Just why is soda harmful to our teeth?

We mentioned that soda or pops are acidic carbonated drinks, which with the acid and sugar is enough to call tooth decay onto our pearly whites.

By regularly drinking soda, you are exposing your teeth to (1) stains and discoloration, (2) a weakened enamel due  the exposure of acid onto them, and (3) a good amount of sugar that sticks to our teeth. In order to avoid all of this, we first have to be aware of them! So we will now explain them briefly.


Stains and discoloration

This is not a problem that just happens with sodas, but with all drinks that are dark colored. When you sipping and drinking sodas, our tooth enamel absorbs some of those components. For example we have tea, coffee, wine, and of course all dark colored sodas around that you may find.

But do not fret, if you have discolored teeth, that can be fixed with tooth whitening treatments. There are several options for you such as over-the-counter products and in-office cleanings:

The first one might take a while as the components in them have to be absolutely safe for everybody. It typically comes in the form of whitening and abrasive toothpastes and yields results in some weeks.

The second one, in-office cleanings, is far quicker and at a higher concentration with no risk. Everything is handled professionally and it takes no more than one session to perform.


The acidic nature of soda

Phosphoric acid is one of the main components in all sodas. This phosphoric acid is known to weaken the tooth enamel, which leads to tooth sensitivity. Think of it as the acid made by the bacteria, long exposures of it weaken your teeth over time!

At the end of the article we will be giving you tips in order to battle this.


Sugar present in soda

As you may know, the bacteria that sit in our mouth use starch and sugar in order to produce acid. By letting it feed and sit on our teeth, it is easy for us to develop tooth decay and cavities.

For this, you want to brush your teeth properly twice a day, as well as floss once a day, too. Los Algodones dentists recommend keeping and maintaining good oral habits!


Tips to reduce damage


Now, if you want to reduce the damage to a minimum, you want to follow these tips:

  • Lowering the amount of soda consumed will always help. It will that keep you from being exposed to it for long periods of times.
  • Be aware if you find yourself constantly drinking it, that has to stop for the better good! You do not want the soda to be in constant touch with your teeth.
  • Use a straw to minimize the contact it has with your pearly whites.
  • As soda is acidic, we do not recommend brushing right away as the enamel is weak. You can swish with water or mouthwash, or wait a bit and then brush.
  • Remember that tap water is most likely fluoridated. Also always use toothpaste with fluoride in order to remineralize your teeth.

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