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Health: Good Dental Habits And Mistakes

If you are wondering, dental health is the same as tooth care. With these terms we wish to cover the basics of achieving a good care of the teeth, by helping prevent cavities, gum disease, bad breath and more!

So if you are a someone looking to improve your dental health, or a parent wanting to start your kids into good habits from early on, then you are in the right place.

We will divide this article in two pieces. One where we talk about GOOD habits, and another one with the NOT SO GOOD habits. By following the good ones and avoiding the bad ones, you will be drastically improve that smile of yours!


Good habits

Either it is through products, habits, dental visits, little tricks and tips.. everything is permitted! Here we have some of the most popular tips out there:

  • Have a balanced and nutritional eating habits. There is nothing better than giving your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs! Our Los Algodones dentists recommend including vegetables, cheese, milk, tea (without sugar) into your diet.
  • Feel free to check if your tap water contains fluoride. You can easily find out by calling the local water district or by having it sample if it comes from a private well. The important thing is that it has one part fluoride per million. Statistically, people who do not drink fluoridated water have 60% more chance to be prone to tooth decay. If your water does not contain fluoride, your dentist or pediatrician can recommend taking fluoride tablets.
  • Remember to brush your teeth twice a day! No amount of diet change and exercise can beat the toothbrush, as it removes plaque directly. You will want to brush twice a day at least, and you are free to do so after every meal. Just keep in mind that you want to wait at least 30 minutes as your enamel is more prone to get damaged after eating.
  • Also floss once a day. There are very difficult spots where the toothbrush cannot get to. If you do not fancy using the dental floss, a dental pick or water flosser is also okay to use!
  • Schedule dental visits at least every 6 months. This is THE way to avoid any problems, as they will be able to track progress and examine everything closely. Think about it, would you like to find out that you have an issue you could have avoided years ago?


Bad habitsoral health

  • Avoid consuming a lot of damaging foods throughout the day without taking the proper measures. We are talking about sipping and/or eating coffee, sodas and snacks without having a countermeasure.
  • Another bad habit you should avoid is eating dessert in place of breakfast and/or dinner. Not only are you not feeding your body what it needs, but it is also more harmful for the teeth. Also, if you keep on snacking during the day, make sure you rinse your mouth every now and then. Keeping the bacteria from wrecking havoc during the day is essential to keep a good dental health.
  • Not finishing your meal with a glass water can also be considered a bad habit. Food particles usually stay in your mouth and stick to the teeth, either the fissures and on the back teeth. By drinking water, not only are you washing them away, but you are boosting saliva production as well. Also, if it is water with fluoride, it helps a lot remineralizing even further!
  • Consider quitting smoking. Smoking not only leaves a unpleasant breath in our mouths, it also harms our gums a great deal. Remember there is also the chance of getting cancer in one of its many forms.

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