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Healthy Foods For Your Teeth

We have surely mentioned how certain foods are bad for your teeth. Sweets and sodas being the most popular ones. Yet what about the foods that are good for your mouth? More specifically, which are they and why are they good to us? Can they help us get a better smile?

Knowing what to be wary of, as well as what is good for you is crucial. As such, our Los Algodones dentists list you a number of foods you can try in order to improve your diet.



Thanks to the cheese’s high calcium and whey protein, it surely improves both your dental health and tooth enamel. Though be wary of its slightly artificial and processed counterparts such as spray, dips and others. We suggest you stick to natural and whole cheeses for your foods!


Raw veggies 

According to our Los Algodones dentists, they are one way to not only help your gums, but also add extra nutrients that your body certainly needs. We give carrots as well as celery an honorary mention, as they are a good source of carotene. Our body takes carotene and converts it to vitamin A, which helps bone growth among other benefits!



Another dairy to the list. As it is with cheese, milk also has good levels of calcium, but also adding phosphorous to the mix. This helps to remineralize our pearly whites. As a bonus, we also get strong bones!



Apples are very wholesome when it comes to teeth. By biting into one, its fleshy fiber scrubs our teeth and gums, as well as our tongue! So we can think of it as a natural toothbrush. As for the skin of the apple, it is high in fiber; this helps both against plaque and bad breath.


Leafy greens

These vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach and kale, are perfect for their nutritional value and benefits. Like dairies, they are high in minerals and vitamins, while being low in calories. They also have folic acid which falls into one of the many B vitamins.



Overall, chewing on any kind of nuts helps promoting saliva production, which helps against dry mouth and harmful bacteria. Almonds is a very healthy choice to include in your healthy foods list. They are a great healthy source of calcium and protein while having a very low sugar content. Feel free to add them to your salad!



Just like milk and cheese, yogurt is also high in protein and calcium. It contains what is called probiotics, which are helpful bacteria, giving you a boost in strength and health for your teeth. Though you have to be wary of the brand, as they can contain higher sugar levels than normal, so one that is or close to plain yogurt is a good choice.


Sugar-free gum

Although not exactly a food, it deserves a small mention. There are many benefits pertaining sugar-free gum, such as boosting saliva production and helping washing away acids and foods inside your mouth. Moreover, it is still sweetened by xylitol which is not harmful for the teeth.

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