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How Is A Crossbite Treated?

Greetings, folks! A misaligned smile can be the very reason to feel insecure when talking and smiling in public. So for today’s article we shall be talking about how a crossbite can be fixed.

Have you ever wondered how crooked and misaligned teeth are usually fixed? Thanks to today’s comprehension on dental and orthodontic matters, it is always an option to fix that smile. We will going through each procedure that corrects a misaligned smile with the help here in Los Algodones.


First, what is a crossbite or misaligned bite?

In a healthy mouth, the upper set of teeth go a little outside than the lower set. This is normal for both the front and back teeth. Thus whenever our teeth are not aligned that way, then is what we call a malocclusion. Fixing a malocclusion is vital for the mouth’s well-being as it can bring many complications.

There are two types of crossbite: posterior and anterior. On a posterior crossbite, the top back teeth are the ones that go inside in comparison to the bottom back teeth. On an anterior crossbite the front teeth are the ones affected and biting inwards in comparison to their bottom counterparts.


Problems from a misaligned bite

Untreated crossbites pose an issue for the patient’s everyday life. Not only is it a cosmetic problem, but also can incite other issues such as receding gumline, jaw grinding, jaw malformation,  and ultimately the loss of teeth.

It is also important to note that patients with crossbite might engage in teeth grinding more often.


Common treatments for crossbite

Los Algodones dentists agree that these issues are best addressed early  when the mouth has not developed fully. So as a teenager or a child are the best times for these treatments.

So here are some of the most common treatments when it comes to fixing crossbites. Although that does not mean they are all safe for a child, that will be deemed by a certified professional. Each patient is unique and all these treatments are considered upon knowing what is being dealt with.

  • Maxillary or palatal expander. In this treatment, the orthodontist attaches palatal expander t expand the upper jaw of the patient. Then, with a special key it can be turned to widen it slightly. A palatal expander works for patients that need a certain degree of intervention.
  • Removable expander. A removable expander is instead used for patients that need very little correction. They are worn at night and widen the upper palate just like the palatal expander.
  • Braces. Then we have braces that help correcting a misaligned bite. They are both a treatment by their own rights or used after a palatal expansion to help straighten the teeth.
  • Surgery if necessary. In some patients, the jaw does not grow properly or stop doing so. For this the surgeon purposely breaks the patient’s jaw. After this, the patient has to wear a device that helps molding the bone into a more desirable shape.

Here in Los Algodones not only will you get the best attention, but also a good service. Our dentists have vast knowledge working with all types of dental problems, so feel make sure to contact us. With cheaper prices than in the US, you can shoot us an email or contact us by phone and we will be glad to answer your questions!

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