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How to avoid staining your teeth

Having stains in our teeth is a big battle many of us have. It is so easy staining our white smile and so hard to obtain. That is way today I want to help you avoid staining your teeth with daily habits that can mitigate this problem. With these tips you will always be able to show your precious smile without worrying about stains. In the same note remember to read all of our other articles about dental hygiene and dental treatment.


Things to avoid that are staining your teeth


Foods and drinks


The first thing you must do to stop staining your teeth is quit certain foods and drinks. Let’s start with food, junk food is first on the list. Most junk food contains sugar, sauces and artificial colorant. All of above makes your teeth lose color and stain easily. Tomato sauces especially can make your teeth yellow. I am not saying that you should stop eating it, just to tone it down if you consume it every day.

Chocolate, creams, and most candies are really bad too. Sugar makes your tooth enamel weak which protect it from stains and diseases. Try to opt for more natural options like fruits. Apple and pears are really good for your teeth as they act like natural cleansers. This helps get the necessary nutrients for your teeth and reduce stained teeth.


Now in the drinks department, avoid soft drinks. Sodas contain so much sugar, apart from the artificial colorant. Those two are a lethal combo for your teeth, it get them really stained. As for coffee, it can ruin your teeth too, so be careful. Again, I am not asking you to quit, just moderating yourself and practicing a good dental hygiene routine.


A final tip would be to brush your teeth after every meal to mitigate the stains. Down below I will shed more light on this as I will teach you a good dental hygiene routine. So keep reading if you are interested in learning how to take good care of your teeth.


Alcohol and cigarettes


These two are the worst habit for your teeth. I will never get tired of say that the damage these two causes in your dental health is huge. Alcohol not so much, you can consume it regularly as long as you do not exceed. Tobacco in the other hand is destructive and stains your teeth really bad. Not only that, it brings other diseases such as gingivitis, leading to teeth loss.


Try to reduce your cigarettes count if you wish to preserve al your teeth. Most of my patients with tooth loss refer being smokers since their youth. As an ex-smoker myself, I know it can be hard to quit but in the long run it is the best decision. Cigarettes get you stained teeth, gum recession, bad breath and other nasty side effects.


The thing here is to have moderation. Everything in excess is bad for your health, so it is a matter to be balanced. Reduce your bad habits little by little until you feel comfortable to quit. In the long run your teeth will thank you and your smile will look as beautiful as ever. But let’s see what habits we can improve so our teeth look nicer.


Habits that makes your teeth whiter


Dental hygiene


To mitigate the effects of all the junk that we eat, we need a good dental hygiene. I suggest brushing your teeth 3 times a day to avoid stained teeth. The correct brushing technique is also a must, I will teach how. To brush your teeth correctly you need to use slow and gentle movements to avoid harming your enamel and gums. Use vibratory motions at the base of the tooth and brush away vertically to brush away the food debris.


After that, using dental floss to clean between your teeth will also help to avoid stains. Leaving the food debris stuck there can create many problems. With time it can rot and infect your teeth and gums. After flossing using mouthwash to rinse will close everything neatly. I suggest antiseptic mouthwash to kill all bacteria and germs.

Now, many patients ask about whitening treatments at home. Honestly I do not suggest to do any home remedies as they can back fire. If you are going to do whitening at home opt for products with the ADA seal of approval at least. The thing is that you have to be careful as most of home kits have many abrasive chemicals. Do not rely on them often, go to a dentist to get your cleaning and whitening.


Staining your teeth vs your dentist


You can try al these suggestions and still fail to have white teeth. This is because the best way to clean your teeth and avoid staining them is to go to the dentist. Regular checkup and cleaning are mandatory if you wish your teeth to stay white and neat. Schedule your appointment with us at Dental del Rio in Los Algodones, Mexico if you wish to save money.


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