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How To Brush With Braces

For those who are new to braces, or even if you are just curious, then this article will prove useful for you. It does not matter if you got them recently or if you just cannot get it right: brushing when wearing braces requires a bit more effort. After all this contraption is glued to our teeth with metal bands.. just what can we do about that?

Hopefully with the help of this article, you will have a better idea what to do! Although you should know that of course the part beneath the braces is inaccessible.


What do I do with the brush when I have braces?

This is one of the most concerning questions with people that are new to braces, our dentists in Los Algodones get it a lot. So we will explain you just what you should be doing with that toothbrush:

We recommend, first and foremost, to rinse your mouth with water. This will help take away and loosen all the food pieces stuck to your braces.

After this, you can proceed to brush like you normally would. Make sure to use a fluoride toothpaste and soak it a bit of water to make it easier to spread. As braces block the way, start brushing your gumline first, making sure to brush against it gently, as this is one of the most common spots for dental plaque to buildup. For this you ought to tilt your toothbrush 45° against it, with soft, gentle strokes.

And now this is where we include the braces part you have been expecting. Since they are blocking our teeth, we have to everything possible to brush the top and bottom of them. By placing the brush on the top and facing it downwards, you will be able to accomplish this. Make sure to do the same but with the bottom of the braces, by tilting the brush up to get most of the tooth that you can. Repeat this with both sets of braces and you will be doing great.

Again, we are looking to brush all we can from the tooth, while removing plaque buildup and leftover food.


What about f lossing with braces?

Interdental cleaning can be a real hassle as the very wires get in the way of the dental floss. We do relate to your pain here. But no need to worry, just because they get in the way, does not mean you cannot floss!

In order to achieve a good flossing, you absolutely need alternatives. There are many, many products out there that you can check and use that will fit your style. Here’s to name a few:

Floss threaders: these are disposable tools and the go-to for people with braces. They are very simple to use, as you pass the dental floss through the loop in order to avoid the threading a needle part. Los Algodones dentists suggest using waxed floss, as it is less likely to break at this.

Interdental brushes: these are little tiny brushes specially made to clean between our teeth. Since it is just a wire with bristles around it, it is easy to use with braces. As a plus, you can also clean around the brackets with them!

Water flossers: this one is also quite popular. It uses timed streams of water to wash away plaque and food remnants. Again, very handy to get all the tough spots as the water washes away what is within reach.

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