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How to fix a chipped tooth

Hellos guys, welcome back this week to a new article. Have you ever had a chipped tooth? If the answer is no, I will be very surprised. It is a very common scenario to face, especially if you practice some kind of sport. Even so, your teeth can get chipped due to lots of reasons, not only sports. Today we will teach you how you can fix it and save money in the process. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading.


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Common causes of a chipped tooth


Chipped teeth are a pain but it can be caused by accidents most of the times. If you practice any sport it is necessary to use a mouth guard to avoid damage if it is required. Another reason can be eating or biting hard stuff. Be really carful and do not force your teeth to into it, this is really easy to avoid. Many patients come to the clinic with chipped teeth because they tend to bite pencils, ice and hard candy.

Avoid this kind of behavior and take care of your teeth. Speaking of which, you should also consume enough calcium. This will make your teeth stronger and help you avoid breakage and damage. Even so be really responsible on how do you use your teeth. They are hard, but not that hard. Last but not least, another common cause is bruxism, so if you tend to grind your teeth together, see a dentist as soon as possible.


How to fix a chipped tooth


There are many dental treatments that can fix a chipped tooth. The first thing to know is that you cannot fix it at home. You need a professional dentist to solve the problem. Please do not try any kind of home remedy or DIY online because it can seriously harm you. As soon as you get a chip in your teeth seek a dentist. It will be wiser to fix it as soon as possible and not waiting too long. It can make a huge difference in expenses.


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Most tooth damage if it is small it can be fixed with a filling. The best kind you can get is composite resin. It is cheap, reliable and looks amazing. Avoid metal fillings because they can be bad for your health. Besides it is a bad look nowadays, so outdated. The best you can do is make your smile look white and clean, nothing beats a neat look. Also you avoid any allergies and other problems associated with incrusting metal in your mouth.

Dental crown

Along with the most popular solution for a chipped tooth you got dental crowns or caps. This treatment will require the tooth to be worn down so the cap can fit. In cases where the breakage is too big to handle with fillings this will do the job. What you need to take into account however is the material of the crown. You can choose between a variety of options but I will suggest you the best ones.


First you have porcelain fused with metal which is the cheapest one. It is a good choice for the teeth in the back and for those who are in a tight budget. Next you got full porcelain which is an excellent choice because it imitates the look and feel of natural teeth. Finally zirconia is the toughest material out there. It looks aesthetically pleasing and can last a long time before you have to do some maintenance.

Porcelain veneer


Porcelain veneers is also a good choice to cover chipped teeth. It is used by lots of celebrities and athletes. Also it is not that expensive, especially at Dental del Rio. It does not require that much work as only a thin part of the tooth is worn. Then the veneer is glued so it can match the other teeth. We chose porcelain because the material is hard enough to last and it looks and feel just like your natural teeth.


Regardless of what treatment you get, you teeth will look amazing again. That would be all for today folks. I wish a nice rest of the week and see you next one with a new dental article. Cheers!

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