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How to have clean dental items

Hellos guys, hope you are having a fantastic weekend just like me. Today I want talk about the importance of having clean dental items. Having a god dental hygiene goes beyond the practice, it includes you lifestyle as well. If this sounds interesting, keep reading to know how you can avoid many dental diseases and improve your dental hygiene. We have a new article every week so do not forget to subscribe!

Dental items must have

First let’s start with the dental items you must have at home. A toothbrush, classic or electric, is a must. You cannot clean your teeth without one and that should be the first investment for oral hygiene. Take in mind you should change it every 2 to 3 months. In the case you own an electric toothbrush you should change the bristles around the same time.


There are signs that tell you when it is the appropriate time to change your toothbrush. The most obvious one is the open bristles. The other signs are that it has missing bristles and bad odor, both are pretty easy to spot. The next item is dental floss, which is very useful and easy to get in the market. The reason behind is that it can clean between your teeth, a very difficult place to clean. Food debris can get stuck there and flossing becomes a necessity.

There is another tool you can use for this, the interdental brush. It is a special toothbrush designed to clean between your teeth. Is very tiny and that makes it perfect for the job. Another item to have is a tongue cleaner although most toothbrushes have one at the head. Finally you cannot forget toothpaste to clean your teeth. Without one you are doing nothing scrubbing your teeth, just giving a massage.

Why clean your dental items


You must clean your dental items for hygiene. Many patients forget to do this and get many dental diseases. Because most of these tools are used in our mouth the end up moist. This creates the perfect environments for germs and bacteria to grow. If you want to avoid diseases and extend the life of your dental items you should clean them after every use.


In the case of your tooth brushes you should boil them in water after use. Then you should dry them with a towel and properly store it. I suggest a dry place like a drawer. You want to avoid also keeping your toothbrush in your bathroom. The place is infested with germs no matter how much you clean. As for every other item we listed, you can use a cleanex or a towel.


Remember that you should clean your bathroom pretty often. You will spend most of your time brushing there so it makes sense you keep the place neat. As said before, you can avoid many dental diseases such as halitosis and gingivitis. Besides it is important so you can keep at bay any other diseases other than dental. This will improve the way you smile look and feel.

Other ways to improve dental hygiene clean


Other than keeping your dental items and bathroom clean, there are much more you can do. First I want to take it out of the way that you need a dental hygiene routine. We have tons of articles discussing this topic, so check it out if you want to improve your dental care. To make it short, brush your teeth 3 times a day. Do not forget flossing and rinsing with mouthwash and you should have this in the bag.


Another thing to improve your dental hygiene is to eat healthy. Eating a balanced diet along with drinking lots of water will make your smile perfect. Your teeth need every ounce of vitamin and nutrient in order to stay white and beautiful. Keep sugar and junk food at bay as they can stain your teeth very easily. Also, they can cause bad breath, cavities and other problems.


You want to quit bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol. Both in excess will ruin your teeth in the long run. Many patients that lost their teeth were thanks to cigarettes and alcohol. Do not take this lightly and reduce its consumption. One trick I did to stop smoking was to chew sugarless gum. This is very good for your teeth, by the way. Ti stimulates saliva production in your mouth which acts as a natural barrier against bacteria and germs.

Dental hygiene goes hand by hand with your dentist


To learn more about dental hygiene and how to take care of your dental items you should ask your dentist. They will know what would be the best course of action for your dental hygiene. Speaking of which, you should also get regular checkups and cleaning every 6 months. This is key to having that perfect smile celebrities have. You can avoid and prevent many problems along with treating some situations and conditions.


Getting dental veneers, crowns, whitening and other dental treatments can make or break your smile. You cannot solve everything at home so book an appointment soon. If you wish to save money in dental you can come to our clinic Dental del Rio in Los Algodones Mexico. We can beat US and Canada prices by offering you 50% than those countries. Making an appointment is really easy and FREE.


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That is it for today, hope you enjoyed the article. We will see you next week with more dental tips and info about dental treatment. Until then, do not forget to take care of your teeth and stay safe. Cheers!


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