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How to improve your brushing technique easily!

Hi guys, long time no see! Hope you had a great week. Today I want to teach you how to improve your brushing technique by tenfold using these simple tips. Having good technique when brushing your teeth is really important to nail your dental hygiene routine. This not only improve your teeth health, but also makes them look great and improve your breath. So let’s jump right into them!


Be gentle – Many patients believe that you have to be really aggressive when brushing. That they will clean their teeth faster and better than anyone. Let me tell you right away that is one of the worst mistake you can make. Brushing hard not only wear down your tooth enamel, it wears down you

r gums too! Opt for a slower pace and be gentle to take good care of your smile.


Using the right motion – This is an easy one, you want to use up and down motions to clean your teeth when brushing. You can brush side to side to cover more space too. Circular motions are the weakest of the brushing techniques, you can use it scarcely but do not rely on it too much. When brushing do not forget to clean your tongue and cheeks, they can accumulate plaque and tartar too.


Other recommendations


Now that you are a pro at brushing, do not forget to complete your dental hygiene routine. Use mouthwash and floss to finish the job. Other than that we suggest to visit your dentists at least twice a year for regular cleaning. If you are interested in the best prices for cleaning from Los Algodones dentists, look no more and come to Dental del Rio. You can save up to 60% in dental compared to US and Canada prices!

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