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How to protect your teeth at all times

Are you worried about protecting your teeth? Are you afraid of messing your smile? Then you should read today’s article on how to protect your teeth! I think most of us are self-conscious about our teeth. We feel like taking the step in the wrong direction can break our smile. Today I will teach you how to be safe with your dental care.

Protecting your teeth against stains

Yellow teeth are a very common problem among patients that comes to our clinic. To avoid this you should quit consuming too much coffee, sugar and colorants. Apart form this you should maintain a good dental hygiene at home. Cleaning your teeth daily will help avoid staining them. The trick is to use dental floss and mouthwash after brushing.

Also smoking can ruin your teeth. It is very impressive the mount of damage a cigarettes does to your teeth. The same goes with alcohol, you should tone it down if you want beautiful teeth.

Protect your teeth form breaking

Accidents may happen and it can break your teeth. To avoid any damage you have to ingest calcium to make your teeth stronger. If you practice any contact sports use a mouth guard to ensure nothing bad happens. If you tend to grind your teeth together you should use a night guard to protect your teeth from wearing down.

I broke my tooth! What should I do?

If you chipped your teeth then do not worry. Everything has a solution. In case your teeth are in trouble and you failed to protect them then you should come to our clinic. At Dental del Rio in Los Algodones Mexico we can fix it for you. To make an appointment use the contact form or call the number you see above. Our prices are 50% less than US and Canada dental treatment!

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