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How to treat your teeth cavities

I think most of us have been there with cavities and big pain in your teeth. It is really hard to soothe that pain. Many patients with cavity in their tooth have come to our clinic to be treated. It is certainly safe to say that is one of the most common afflictions that patients suffer. That is why today I want to list some treatments for cover your cavities.

treat cavities

First of all you need a dentist. It is impossible to save your tooth from cavities at home. You need and appointment as soon as possible. We suggest using our contact page to locate us and schedule an appointment to win affordable dental care in Los Algodones Mexico. You can save more than 50% of US and Canada costs.


How to treat it

Cavities are a little hole that corrodes the tooth. It can get to the root and that means bad news. That is right, a patient can lose a tooth because of a simple hole. And the solution is really simple, a filling can be the savior for most of the patients. In other cases the tooth has to be replaced with a crown or a veneer.

An x-ray will be necessary to now if a root canal will be needed. In some extreme cases the tooth has to be extracted and a dental implant is put in place. It is aa expensive solution but it is worth it for sure.


How to avoid cavities


You need a good dental hygiene to avoid any dental disease. Try to brush at least 3 times a day, especially after eating. Then after brushing, use dental floss to clean between your teeth. This step s important because those food debris are what causes cavity in your tooth. Finish with mouthwash and your will be golden.

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