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Importance Of A Fluoride Rinse

The use of a fluoride mouth rinse can prove essential if you have been dealing with recurrent problems. The extra fluoride in your daily life will show its benefits in the long road to your smile and your teeth. So if you are looking for ways to improve your oral health with a simple task, you might consider doing this.


Fluoride mouth rinse? What is that?


These mouth rinses you usually find them in pharmacies in other stores, as they are sold over the counter. The term mouth rinse is more broad than mouthwash, but you can consider them the same.

This type of rinse are very helpful because they contain fluoride. Thanks to it, your tooth enamel gets strengthened against the acid caused by bacteria in plaque. Our dentists in Los Algodones recommend getting one with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of approval.


A fluoride mouth rinse helps against many situations


Tooth decay

Apart from daily brushing and flossing in order to combat all the spots where bacteria might be at, you can also make use of a rinse to be more thorough with your cleaning.

Tooth decay and cavities are formed when starchy and sugary foods remain in your mouth for long. Such are the spots in the molars where this is a common occurrence. By being consistent and rinsing your mouth every so often, you will be battling this problem efficiently.


Gum Disease

There are many reasons why one could suffer from gum disease. Such reasons can be due dry mouth, plaque buildup, smoking, and so on. Usually, with gum disease the gums start to recede and become exposed and to combat this there might be the need to reshape them. In the end, depending on the severity of the case, your dentist will recommend multiple ways to get fluoride into your mouth! That is where the fluoride rinse comes in.

Also remember that there are even toothpastes specifically made for certain problems as well.


Dry mouth

If you suffer from dry mouth, also called xerostomia, then that means your body is not producing enough saliva. This is usually due other reasons, such as some syndromes, diabetes, and medication.

Saliva is a very efficient cleaning agent, washing away food remnants and dealing with the acids produced by bacteria. As such, since there is a lack of saliva in order to deal with the constant threats in your mouth, using a rinse is advisable.



Since having braces poses a difficulty in daily brushing and flossing, since they get in the way of the toothbrush, our dentists in Los Algodones advise to use a fluoridate rinse to help you with that.

It is a very common problem to have sugar and food stored in all the hidden spots when wearing bracers, which leads to the user having white spots on their teeth once they are finally removed. For this very reason and more, it is recommended to pair up your dental routine with a fluoride rinse.


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