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Improving your kids’ dental higiene

Hi guy, welcome to today’s blog, we are going to teach you how to improve your kids dental hygiene. This is a very important topic as a parent because we want our children to grow up with beautiful teeth. This can be challenging because they can be distracted easily, hindering their dental health. Let’s teach them together how to take proper care of their teeth so they can smile confidently in the future.


It is our job as a parent to guide them through life. Teaching them simple things like brushing their teeth can be quite touching and fun. I remember when my parents taught me how to do these things and now I can pass that knowledge to my children too. I honestly hope you enjoy your time with your kids as much as I do so you can create many fond memories for them and you too!


Getting into the right mindset

The most important part of teaching your kid dental hygiene is the right mindset and attitude. Remember to be patient and have fun, do not scream or frustrate. It can be hard sometimes but you cannot teach your kids with screams and fear. This can scar them emotionally and we do not want that. On the bright side, children are like a sponge and they can learn very quickly every task we present to them.


One cool thing I can recommend to get in the mood with them is to present dental hygiene like a game. Kids love to play so if you make this a game they will follow you until the end. You have to teach them to enjoy it because it is important for their health and they have to do it every day. One popular trick is to sing them a song while they brush their teeth. This worked wonderfully for my children.


Do you have to reward them?


Many parents wonder if it is correct to reward their kid for doing what they have been told. Regarding dental hygiene giving a reward is quite effective. The downside is that the kid can do their dental hygiene for the reward and not for their health. It is important to balance these things out or the kid can abandon their dental hygiene when they do not receive any compensation.


As for rewards you can prepare their favorite meal or maybe some kind of present. You can create a fun system that encourage a week of properly brushing their teeth in order to reclaim a rewards. There are many things you can do, like taking them to the movies or their favorite place. Ask them what they would like and negotiate with them. Like I said before, they have to do it because for their dental health and not for the rewards.


How to teach your kid dental hygiene


Now let’s learn about proper dental hygiene routines. You want your kids to brush their teeth at least 2 times a day. It is mandatory that you set an example first. If your kids do not see you brushing your teeth everyday they will not do it too. If you have the time you can plan your day so you can brush your teeth together with them so they can see how it is done. It can be a good quality time between the whole family.


A proper brushing technique includes using the proper amount of toothpaste, which is very little. And when brushing your teeth you should use gentle and slow moves. Brushing rapidly and aggressive will only harm your tooth’s enamel and gums. Use vertical strokes and follow up with horizontal and circular motions.


One thing I like to do is to take them shopping for their toothbrush. Remember that you have to change it every 2 to 3 months as a healthy habit. When kids choose their own toothbrush they tend to be more eager to use it. Also it is a good idea to teach them about proper care of their toothbrush, how to wash it and store after use.


After brushing their teeth if they are old enough it is a good idea to use dental floss to clean between their teeth. This will help them to avoid gingivitis and other dental diseases. Afterwards using mouthwash to rinse will make their teeth healthy, strong and their breath fresh.


Other modern methods


Now days you can find help in the internet about how to teach your children about dental hygiene. Many Youtube videos are good doing this, so it is a good idea to look for them. Other way is to use phone apps that makes it easy an interactive the learning process. My kids sure love the Pokémon app for brushing their teeth.


Losing the fear of dentists


One important topic for your kids’ dental hygiene is to go to the dentist. It can be very scare for them but the younger they go, the less traumatized they will be. Many people do not go to the dentist because they did not go enough when they were younger. This causes that the experience become realy scary as an adult, we want to avoid that.


Going to the dentist should not be a bad experience, it should be normal. It should be the same as goind for a haircut, take in account that you should visit a dentists 2 times a year at least. Regular checkup and cleaning is what makes your teeth perfect. Not going is a huge mistake and you should take your children more often than not.

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