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Tips To Keep Germs Away

It is a given that throughout the day germs are actively growing and spreading everywhere. And that includes inside our mouths! As such knowing more and learning about the habits that can help against this proves extremely useful.


Washing your hands is more important than you think

It is normal to come in contact with all sort of gems as we carry with our day. The door knobs we tough, our cellphones, various surfaces, shaking hands, absolutely everywhere there are gems.

As such, consider washing your hands before you grab that toothbrush. Those very germs that you carry with you can be transmitted to your toothbrush, and then to your mouth!


Brush your teeth twice a day, do not give those germs a chance

This one here is a tad obvious, but it is necessary. Brushing two times a day, for two minutes each time proves essential for a good oral hygiene.

Likewise, remember to floss once a day. There are parts of your mouth where the toothbrush just cannot reach easily. For these tasks, a dental pick or dental floss is essential.

Not only will you avoid them building up, you will keep a fresh, healthy smile, which is always a plus.


Do not share your toothbrush

Using someone’s toothbrush or letting others use yours is a guaranteed way to contaminate them. There are germs, bacteria, infections and diseases that transmit through the exchange of body fluids.

Here in Los Algodones, Mexico we take oral hygiene seriously, and we advise you to not use another person’s brush, not even if they are family!


Keep your toothbrush clean and dry as possible

This can be done in several ways:

After you are done brushing your teeth, make sure to rinse it thoughtfully. It is very likely that it has toothpaste and food remnants after you are finished. Do not be afraid to run your thumb through it to get rid of all of it.

After rinsing your brush, keep it in an upright position for it to dry properly. This will help greatly in keeping the germs from growing in it. Usually you want your toothbrush to dry and be in a ventilated place.

By keeping your toothbrush clean and out of moisture’s way, keeping the germs away will be an easy task.


Change your toothbrush every so often

A toothbrush is not supposed to last a lifetime! Those bristles are bound to get loose, bent, stained and more through time.

Los Algodones dentists recommend swapping your toothbrush every three or four months. But if the bristles are already damaged before then, you need to replace the brush even more often. If you notice the bristles to be pointing at all directions, then get yourself a new brush! And while you are at that, we suggest a soft bristled one. Not only is it easier on the tooth’s surface, it gets to more difficult places by being able to bend.


Watch what you eat and take the proper measures

If you find yourself consuming a lot of starchy foods and sugary treats, you might consider lowering them up a bit! Germs and bacteria strive with sugar and starch, even more so if they stay in your mouth for long periods of times. This is one of the main  reasons you want to brush your teeth in the morning and nights.

Also, as an extra tip, you should not brush your teeth right after eating. Especially if it included soda or anything acidic, as it makes your enamel more easier to break.

It is best to wait about 30 minutes before brushing, although rinsing your mouth with water is totally fine! Also chewing on some sugarless gum will do the trick in the mean time. Anything to boost saliva production, really!

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