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Know everything about the Allon4

The allon4 treatment is getting more popular each passing day. It is not a surprise, it is pretty cheap for a full mouth restoration. Today I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions so you end up knowing everything about it. This also can help you make your mind to take the decision to get this procedure if you are on the fence. So stay until the end so you can learn how to save money in this awesome dental treatment.


If you have any questions feel free to leave it down below. The comment section is really useful for us to resolve your doubts. Also remember we have hundreds of entries in this blogs dedicated to dental hygiene and dental treatment. This will help you know about other dental treatments besides the allon4 and learn useful tips about how to take care of your teeth like a pro. I do not want to take more of your time so let’s begin.


The allon4 we all know and love

I believe that if you clicked this article is because you already know what the allon4 is. In case you don’t let me give you a short briefing. It consists on a procedure where the patients gets all teeth extracted and receive 4 implants per jaw with a full permanent denture. The patient needs 2 visits with 6 to 8 months apart, the first to get the implants and the last to receive the denture. During the healing period the patient uses a temporary denture.


This procedure is amazing because it is cost effective. It cost way less than other dental implants treatment and gives you way more. Other dental treatments use lots of complicated implants that can create problems in the jaw due to too much weight. With the allon4 this problem does not exist because you use less implants to support the full denture.


The best part is that the final result looks amazing and realistic. All the teeth in the denture are made from porcelain so it looks natural. It won’t look out of place at all like those weird fake teeth some celebrities use. The other best part is that it is a permanent solution for missing teeth. You can forget about uncomfortable dentures that you have to take it off at the end of the day. Certainly it is a dental treatment I can recommend 100% if you come to Los Algodones.


Does it hurt?


This is the most usual question we get. You will be pleased to know that it does not hurt at all. The patient will receive anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. You can read all and see all of our review in the website. In case you do not want to be awake, we can provide IV sedation. Even so, pain is not a reason to be concern ar all during the process. After you are done with your visits, we also provide pain meds for your healing period.


Speaking of wish, do not forget to follow every instruction given by the staff. During the healing period it is important that you change your diet as the new settled implants cannot support any kind of force or weight. Give it time, patience and after 6 months or so after the first visit, you can return for your permanent denture.


Until then, take good care or otherwise the implant can fail. We suggest to read or other articles about the allon4 and see videos on Youtube so you can get a good idea before getting the procedure. Regardless, our staff will explain everything before we begin with the treatment. So feel free to ask us anything you want before scheduling your appointment.


Where to get the best price for the allon4


Ok, know you know everything you need about the allon4, it is time to know where you can get it. If you are looking for the best price in Los Algodones, Mexico look no further than Dental del Rio. Our dental clinic is located near the border and we have the best implantologists in town. 100% success rate thanks to the hard work of DDS Barragan and DDS Bojorquez. You can learn more about them in the Our Team tab.


To make an appointment, you can use the contact form above to settle it. After that you will receive an email form our staff to with an estimate for your treatment. Our patient coordinator will help you with everything you need so your visit to Los Algodones is as easy and comfortable as possible. You can also call us in business hours if you prefer that way better.

In case you need accommodations we can help you book a room at the nearest hotel from the clinic. That way you can walk in and out from the clinic to get a good rest. Also we can give you some restaurants suggestions so you can try the excellent local cuisine if you are a foodie like me. No one can resist the tasty Mexican food in town so I really suggest you to visit some places when you come to Los Algodones.


Do you only perform allon4’s?


Short answer is no. We provide any dental treatment, form cleaning and whitening to complex implants procedure. So it does not matter if you need a simple extraction, braces, crowns or alon4, we got you. You can bring the whole family to get their dental done and leave with beautiful smile together. The best part is that the prices are insanely low compared to the US and Canada. So you can save money and have a little vacation besides your dental needs covered.


That would be all for today , folks, hope you enjoy it. Do not forget to leave your questions and suggestions below, we love to read you, guys. Also if you wish to support us share this article online, it will help us grow. See you next week with a new article in dental, take care.

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