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Oral Hygiene Basics for Everybody

Having a goor oral hygiene is important down to the basics. After all, through the daily things that we do is how we impact our teeth. So it is not only what we eat or when we brush, but also what we do in-between!

So for this article, we want to strengthen the basics and help everybody with their oral hygiene. We have asked Los Algodones dentists about the various tips we can use in order to achieve just that.


Why do we need to be so picky about our oral hygiene?

When we put away all our oral hygiene rituals, we let bacteria in our mouth form plaque.

This plaque sticks and clings to our teeth and slowly wears down our tooth enamel. Without a tooth enamel we are open to various problems such as tooth sensitivity, cavities as well as be more prone to have yellow teeth!


Tips towards a good oral hygiene

Brush every day, twice a day

This is the recommended by Los Algodones dentists. By brushing twice, before and after going to sleep, you are making sure to deal with all the buildup plaque at the start and the end of the day.

Also, here we give you some tips for brushing:

  • Always pick a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • A brushing session should be at least two minutes.
  • Brush with gentle and circular strokes.
  • Make sure to brush wholesomely. Get every spot!
  • Scrape your tongue regularly.


Flossing is just as important

The toothbrush can have a really hard time getting between the teeth. So for this reason we have dental floss and all of its alternatives in order to help us achieve a better oral hygiene.

Getting the basics of flossing can take a bit of time, but with practice it becomes easier and more natural. Make sure you follow these:

  • Like with the toothbrush, you have to be gentle with dental floss, too.
  • Guide the floss with your thumb and index finger as you dispose of the thread you have used.
  • Some alternatives to dental floss are: dental picks, water flossers, and pre-threaded floss.


Mouthwash and mouth rinses

These are probably the most underrated items when it comes to oral hygiene.

In my personal opinion, they are wonderful if you know what you are getting into! They not only leave your mouth with a fresh and minty smell, but also help rinsing away bacteria and food, and as an added bonus, they can improve saliva production as well.

So next time you partake into your oral hygiene habits, take into account these tips:

  • Make sure you are using a therapeutic mouthwash for added benefits. A cosmetic mouthwash is only good if you are looking to mask smells for a period of time.
  • There are many kinds out there tailored for your different needs. For example, if you are suffering from dry mouth, then you want to abstain from alcohol-based mouthwashes and go for one with fluoride.
  • Make sure to swish your mouth for about 30 seconds. This gives it time to reach all the necessary places.
  • Feel free to use mouthwash throughout the day. This way you are targeting harmful bacteria when you are not able to brush.

Be careful about your diet

A good diet is essential for a good smile. It is not only about giving your body its necessary nutrients, but also knowing what can be detrimental to your health.

Typically, you want to be conscious about the amount and exposure sugary, starchy and acidic foods have with your teeth. This goes for breads, candies, sodas, alcohol and many more.


Dental visits are jus t as important

Think about it, a dentist has gone through many years of experience and knows what your mouth needs to be perfect.

Paying a visit every 6 months to a dentist helps you a whole ton:

  • Complete dental cleanings.
  • Check-ups of how your mouth is faring thorough the years.
  • X-rays for issues that are hard to spot.
  • Advice on what you are currently lacking or missing.
  • Early threat detection.
  • … And more!

Here in Los Algodones we worry about the health of your smile. So if you haven’t gotten a check-up, then you should get to that soon!

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