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Oral Hygiene Tips For Adults

There are a lot of things we give up and need to do as adults. But oral care won’t be one of them! Not only do we give good impressions with a bright smile and fresh breath, but it is also a lifetime goal to want to keep our adult teeth for life.

Here in Los Algodones, we want to share some information as to help people take better care of their teeth. So if you are looking for some basics and what to look out for, then you are in the right place.


Get your oral hygiene game on

For this you follow these items, which will ensure you will have a clean and nice smile:

  1. Brush twice a day. Brushing removes all the buildup plaque and bacteria that has accumulated overnight and throughout the day.
  2. Floss once a day. This helps a whole bunch against gum disease. Moreover, keeps the plaque from turning into tartar or calculus in-between your teeth.
  3. Have a therapeutic mouthwash at home. You want a mouth rinse that actively helps you against an issue you might be having: tooth decay, gum disease, you name it.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated not only helps your body but your mouth as well! Water helps getting rid of food and bacteria, while also boosting saliva production.


Habits to look out for

There are certain things that we do that can worsen the state of our mouth and teeth. For this we have gathered some of the things you should be avoiding with the help of Los Algodones dentists:

  • Sipping sugary and acidic drinks constantly throughout the day. It is okay to have coffee, juice, wine, and other drinks but in moderation. When you are constantly sipping them, the substances are in touch with your teeth technically at all times! This feeds the bacteria and is detrimental to your teeth.
  • Smoking and the use of tobacco products. There are a lot of issues that stem from smoking: cancer, gum disease, tooth discoloration, foul breath and more. If you wish to have white and strong teeth, then it is best to quit smoking as soon as possible.
  • Using your teeth for opening caps, crushing eyes, nail biting, or anything that exerts unneeded pressure on them. All of these are a form of bruxism. Applying extra pressure on your teeth can not only crack them, but also shift them in place over time.


Common dental problems in adults


As adults, there are many problems that we are subjected to. The most commons are:


Gum disease

Even if it is in its early stages, gingivitis, we have to be careful. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is when plaque, tartar or calculus causes infections in the gum area. It can be hidden below the gum line so we might miss it as we brush.

On its later stages, it is recommended to visit a dentist for treatment. When gum disease advances, it becomes periodontitis. At this point it is best to get treated as this infection can ruin gums, bone support and the tissue surrounding it, so ultimately it leads to tooth loss.


Tooth decay and cavities

Cavities and tooth decay stem from plaque and the bacteria that forms it. As we become adults, tooth decay and cavities still pose an issue to our oral health, so we have to use the tools we have been handed in order to properly drive them off.

It is suggested to limit the quantity of sweets and sugary drinks. Also to be mindful about how long we let that sugar to rest on our pearly whites.

Once we grow into seniors, dry mouth becomes an issue, so staying hydrated is always a plus.


Tooth sensitivity

Having sensitive teeth means to be overly affected by sudden changes of temperature, let them be either hot or cold. This can happen to adults for many reasons, such as a weakened tooth enamel, receding gums that expose the roots of our teeth, clenching our teeth, or even from brushing too hard.

For treating tooth sensitivity, there are special toothpastes for it that can do the trick. If you still find it troublesome, then we suggest appointing a visit with your dentist, as it can be something serious.

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