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Retainers: What You Need To Know

  Retainers play a big role after being done with the braces. They are an orthodontic treatment that seeks to help teeth maintain their current position. So unless you want to lose all the time you spent wearing braces, then you will be ignoring them.

So for today’s article, we shall be reviewing the many advantageous aspects of retainers, why they are important, and how to take care of them with the help of Los Algodones dentists.


Why is it important to wear retainers?

Retainers are precisely the last stage of orthodontics treatment. By having braces, we shift the position of our teeth into a more desired position. After that is over, since there have been constant changes, it is not unusual for teeth to want to shift back in place.

This is where retainers come in and hold them in place. They are usually worn at night when we are ready to sleep, so for the 8 hours that we rest, our teeth are getting used to being in their current position.


Retainers advantages

There are many benefits that comes from wearing your retainers, and not just about straightening your teeth!

  • Easier to take care of your smile. Teeth that are not aligned are more prone to accumulate and store bacteria and food between them.
  • Eating becomes more efficient. An aligned smile helps chewing food better.
  • Helps keeping bacteria out. While we wear the retainers during the night, it slightly helps keeping bacteria from reaching to our back teeth specifically.
  • Improves breathing during the night. Other than keeping our teeth from shifting, there is also the fact that helps with our breathing as we sleep. It is not rare for some people to grind their teeth and snore as they are asleep. By using retainers, it helps keeping things in the positions they ought to be, this includes the tongue.
  • Can help correcting speech problems. The use of retainers involves people to have a fixed mouth position, thus it is entirely possible for them to help improving and even fixing speech problems. This is holds truer with kids.


Building a habit out of wearing retainers

Making new habits is always a challenge at the beginning. So here we have some little tips to make it a bit more easier to do and accomplish.

First and foremost it is important to keep them in a spot where you are sure to notice them. That said, keep them in plain sight like on top of your pillow in their case so you know that they have to be worn when it is time to hit the bed

The first nights you might find them a little different and probably will focus on that. So we recommend that you distract yourself with a book or even some music to help falling asleep easier.

Some tips for kids it is important to give it some colors. So the case of the retainer can be customized to look like their favorite superhero or character. Also you can reward them for wearing their retainers for a week in a way like the tooth fairy’s.


Taking care of the retainers

As retainers go into our mouths, it is only natural we take measures to keep them at their best shape. Failing to do so will not only make them a bacteria growth place, but also will wear them down with time.

For keeping them in their best shape, make dentists in Los Algodones recommend the following:

  • Do not brush your retainers with toothpaste, this will damage their surface. Instead, use a common denture cleaning agent, or even vinegar and water.
  • Make sure to visit the dental office regularly. This way you make sure they are properly working and that no cavities are developing in your smile.

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