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Soothing Toothache Pain

Have you found yourself in a situation where you are suffering from a toothache, and in no position to visit a dentist at the moment? If so, then keep reading, as down below you will be reading about common remedies that will help the cause.


First, do you know what causes it?

toothache pain

This is a very important step as knowing the root of your problems and discomfort helps you toward solving it. Most of the time you will want to avoid a dentist, but here in Los Algodones, Mexico, we can assure you that looking for one is the best thing you can do.

Make sure you know what is the source of discomfort, as toothaches can come from a variety of reasons. They could be from tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, wisdom teeth, and even an abscess or injury of the tooth! Knowing what caused it will help you once you get treated by a dentist as it narrows the possible options.


What can I use for the toothache pain?

So for those who are suffering from a bad toothache pain at this very moment, we have these handy remedies for you. Or even for those that just want the knowledge or want to know for somebody else, you are welcome as well!

So without further ado, here you have some of the most common ones:


Rinse with salt water

Salt water acts like a natural disinfectant, which also helps washing away food particles that might be bothering. Other than this, it is known to reduce the inflammation and help injuries heal better. This should be your first go to remedy as you cannot go wrong.

As for what you should do in order to prepare it, it is simple. Just mixing half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of water is enough. Make sure the water is warm, as the tooth will be very sensitive to temperature. You just have to swish it like you would with a mouth rinse.


Rinse with hydrogen peroxide

Of course, it is not whole hydrogen peroxide, as you need to dilute it. Hydrogen peroxide helps soothing pain and inflammation. But not only that, it also helps against plaque and bleeding gums!

As we mentioned before, you have to dilute it. We recommend 3 percent hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal parts of water. As with the salt water, you swish it. And absolutely do not ingest nor swallow it, so we do not recommend this for children.



Garlic is known for having many medicinal advantages. It not only works as a pain reliever, but also targets the bacteria that causes plaque and kills it. The only thing that you have to worry about is about your breath afterwards!

For this you just have to crush some cloves into a paste and then apply onto the affected area. For more effectiveness, you can add a little pinch of salt! Slowly chewing on the garlic cloves also proves useful, if you are into that.


Cold compress

This is a very old one, we see it even in cartoons! By applying cold temperatures to the toothache area, you are making the blood vessels shrink, which lessens the pain. It also greatly helps against inflammation and swelling, not only of the teeth but other parts of the body as well!

As long as you have a bag, a towel and some ice, then you are good to go. Put the ice in the bag and wrap them in a towel, then apply to the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes.

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