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Is Sugar Bad For Our Teeth?

At times it is normal to wonder if sugar is really bad for our teeth. And if so, just how does it harm them? It is true that nowadays it is almost impossible to live without sugar. It is in our food, snacks, and drinks!

If you are looking to know more about what sugar does to our pearly whites, then you are in the right place. We shall review just what happens while you are not looking!


The effects of sugar on your teeth

Now sugar, as delicious as it might be, has to be taken in moderation. As my grandmother used to say: “Excess of everything is bad.” And it is true. High consumption of sugar not only makes you more prompt to diabetes and gaining weight, it also gives bacteria a chance to reproduce.

The bacteria make use of starchy and sugary foods in order to make the sticky film that we know as plaque. So when food remnants are left unattended in our mouths, then it is the perfect scenario for them to wreck havoc! Especially for the molars on the back where not only are there nooks and crevices, but the toothbrush finds difficult to reach.

This s the main reason why our Los Algodones dentists recommend brushing twice a day. As if we fail to do so, we are open to an array of issues.


Sugar and starchy foods mean plaque, plaque means tooth decay

The title should give you a pretty good idea. Since tooth decay is a big issue, we have to be wary of the sugar we consume, so we want to stop the development of plaque.

Something we have to take into account is that our mouths are in a constant battle of losing and regaining minerals. We lose them due plaque and bacteria, and we gain them through fluoride and saliva. That’s right, by keeping ourselves hydrated and brushing our teeth thoroughly, we will have a good defense against the bacteria.

A way to look at this is by saying it is a constant battle. So by just remembering to watch out for acidic, sugary and starchy foods you should be fine! Los Algodones dentists do not mean that you should stop consuming them altogether, but that you take certain precautions about them. We will list some tips for you to follow later on, so you can relax about that.


Tips for keeping damage to a minimum

The best way to win this battle against the bacteria in our mouth, is to make use of everything in our arsenal! So here we will give you a roundabout of what you can do in order to have healthy oral habits:

  • Do not slack off with your oral habits. Brush twice a day, floss once, and use a mouthwash whenever you see fit!
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water. Not only will you be keeping your body hydrated, it will help your mouth stay moist. A good saliva production is crucial in washing away food, bacteria and remineralizing the teeth.
  • We recommend keeping a healthy, balanced diet. Eating fruit and salad regularly helps improving your body’s defenses and gives you all the vitamin you need.
  • Always keep an eye for when you mouth feels dry. As previously mentioned, saliva is key. If you suffer from dry mouth (xerostomia), be sure to talk to your dentist as it might be from age or medication.
  • One good way to keep your mouth healthy is by chewing on sugar-free gum. Don’t worry, it will still be sweet as it uses xylitol as an alternative sweetener. This way your mouth keeps producing saliva and you are not providing the bacteria with sugar!
  • Appoint visits with your dentist regularly, at least twice a year. This is essential as not only are they able to keep track of how your mouth develops, they also give you thorough cleanings and inform you what you are lacking. Seriously, it is for the best!

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