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Sugar-Free Gum And Its Benefits

It is pretty well known that gum is a very popular item in the States. Considering it is a really easy way to freshen your breath in places you need it to be, and also pretty likeable around kids, it was about time we brought the benefits of sugar-free gum to our readers.

So we shall tell you all about these important features that you can get on by just chewing on sugar-free gum, and hopefully you switch to it!


What does it exactly mean to be sugar-free?

First thing that pops into mind is that it is sugarless and not sweet at all, which is wrong!

As you may have heard in other products, there are other ways to add the sweetness to it. In the case of sugar-free gum is a natural sweetener called Xylitol. This component replaces the sugar and it is healthy for you in the long run.

This not only makes it healthier in terms of avoiding the consumption of extra sugar in our diets, but also in terms of dental health. Chewing gum is known for helping around in our mouth in many ways.


A boost to our saliva production

As you may know, saliva production is very important in order to keep our teeth healthy. Saliva not only cleanses and washes b r dry mouth.

So since saliva production is very important for our health, our dentists in Los Algodones recommend that you carry a water bottle if you feel your mouth dry often. Dry mouth feels uncomfortable and can even get painful, as it brings tooth decay in the long run.

As a bonus, it greatly helps against the tooth sensitivity from the use of in-office teeth whitening. This is thanks to the saliva production from chewing!


Helps against tooth decay

Sugar is bad for the teeth, and it is even worse when it is constantly in contact with your teeth. For this very reason is why sipping on soda is harmful. But since the gums we will be chewing are sugar-less, then it turns the tables.

Several studies have shown that chewing on sugarless gum help in getting rid of bacteria and helping get rid of food particles as well.

You may also have heard that brushing your teeth straight after eating can harm your tooth enamel. Well, as it turns out, chewing on gum is perfectly fine in the mean time! Of course, that does not mean you should stop brushing and flossing your teeth.

Sugar-free gum aids in digestion

By chewing on gum, you are actively encouraging your stomach to secrete acids. This is very useful as doing it 30 minutes after finishing a meal greatly helps against acid reflux.


More remineralization, stronger enamel

Some chewing gums out there have this component called casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phospate. Rather long name, we know. The thing is, this substance is known to help your tooth enamel harden and remineralize like fluoride.

So next time you are hunting for sugar-free gum, then you know there are plenty of ways you can make it good for your teeth. There are always small and clever ways to help improving your oral habits and get a bright smile.

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