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Basics of Brushing and Flossing

Sometimes, we underestimate how important it is to keep up with these dental basics in our lives. Brushing and flossing are actually our first line of defense when it comes to preventing damage. So by keeping it up daily, we ensure that our teeth are in their best shapes. So for this article we will […]

Oral Hygiene Basics for Everybody

Having a goor oral hygiene is important down to the basics. After all, through the daily things that we do is how we impact our teeth. So it is not only what we eat or when we brush, but also what we do in-between! So for this article, we want to strengthen the basics and […]

Teenagers: Oral Care Tips

It is important as parents to teach our kids just how important it is to keep a good oral hygiene, and that goes for teenagers as well. During this stage, they might show too busy for everything, either with friends, games, hobbies, etc. So sometimes they absolutely forget about brushing and keeping good oral habits. […]