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How important is the toothbrush you use

Hi again, we have written tons of articles about dental health in this blog. Today I want to write about your attention to the toothbrush you use. This item we surely use every day is so important for our teeth. Many people ignore how to properly use it which ends up affecting their teeth in […]

How to improve your brushing technique easily!

Hi guys, long time no see! Hope you had a great week. Today I want to teach you how to improve your brushing technique by tenfold using these simple tips. Having good technique when brushing your teeth is really important to nail your dental hygiene routine. This not only improve your teeth health, but also […]

How To Accomplish A Great Brushing Session

We have always been carrying the task of brushing once in the morning and once at night. Yet is that considered great brushing? Through this ritual task is that we get our first line of defense against bacteria that wear down our tooth enamel. For this reason, we have to understand why it is important […]

Tips & Habits To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

It is always good to have a good understanding of what can keep your mouth healthy in the long run. Having tips and habits serve as a great way to not only maintain a good oral health, but also to impart this knowledge to our kids. If we wish to maintain our teeth in great […]

The Good And Bad Dental Practices

Who doesn’t want a white and sparkly set of white teeth? This is within our grasp to get and maintain if we not only follow good dental practices, but also keep from doing the bad ones. So what are the good and bad practices for a better, or worse, dental health? For this article we […]

Baby Teeth: Taking Care of Your Baby

As parents, we want the best for our young ones, which require the most gentle and attentive cares. As they start growing, so do their teeth! So that sprouts several questions as the journey of our kid’s oral care begins. So for this article, we will be answering common questions about our baby’s teeth with […]

Basics of Brushing and Flossing

Sometimes, we underestimate how important it is to keep up with these dental basics in our lives. Brushing and flossing are actually our first line of defense when it comes to preventing damage. So by keeping it up daily, we ensure that our teeth are in their best shapes. So for this article we will […]

Top Reasons Why Brushing Hard Is A Bad Idea

When we start our day by brushing our teeth, it is important to know how we do it. Afterall, brushing and how effective it is will all depend on our brushing technique. This is where how we brush comes into play, and how brushing hard and harshly can do more bad than good. In this […]

5 Travel Tips: Keeping Good Dental Habits

Good day, everyone! Today’s article we will be talking about some travel tips in order to make taking care of your mouth much easier to accomplish. Usually, we just prepare the essentials when we leave our home, so there is always a rush in remembered and stuffing everything in whatever space we have available to […]

Oral Hygiene Basics for Everybody

Having a goor oral hygiene is important down to the basics. After all, through the daily things that we do is how we impact our teeth. So it is not only what we eat or when we brush, but also what we do in-between! So for this article, we want to strengthen the basics and […]