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Tooth Crack: What To Do?

Just the thought alone inspires a bad feeling to us in Los Algodones. Just imagine having a family dinner when suddenly you or someone else has a crack in their tooth, then what should we do? This usually happens when we exert too much pressure on hard foods, such as ice and candies, or even […]

Tooth Repair: Common Procedures

Tooth repairs are more common than you think at first. After all, there are many reasons we may need them: poor oral hygiene, damage, falls, etc. It is worth mentioning that even if the damage is just superficial, seeking procedures just to have a full smile once again is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, […]

Bruxism: Clenching and Grinding Teeth

When aiming towards a good oral health, there are certain aspects that may seem a bit outside our grasp, such is the case of bruxism. In this article, we would like to inform you all about it, as well as offer some tips against it. But not only that, but also raise awareness, as it […]