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Why cigarettes are bad for your teeth

Hi dear readers, today I have a topic to discuss about why cigarettes are bad for your teeth. It is common knowledge that this is a really bad habit for your dental health. I have met many patients that are heavy smokers and that encouraged me to write this. I want to help you quit […]

Why you should avoid using toothpick

Hello my dear readers, welcome back again to our humble blog. Recently I was consulted by a patient about suing toothpick to clean between the teeth. Today I will write about the reasons why you should avoid using this tool. The answer can surprise lots of you that use very often toothpicks after every meal […]

How important is the toothbrush you use

Hi again, we have written tons of articles about dental health in this blog. Today I want to write about your attention to the toothbrush you use. This item we surely use every day is so important for our teeth. Many people ignore how to properly use it which ends up affecting their teeth in […]

How to improve your brushing technique

Brushing your teeth daily is a task you do not want to skip. It is the basic for a healthy smile. Cleaning your teeth daily will ensure that you will have a healthy mouth free from any dental diseases. Because this is so important, it is mandatory to have a good dental hygiene routine at […]

Problems getting a white smile?

We all want a beautiful white smile, and work every day to get it, or at least try. Most of us do not have perfect white teeth due to coffee and other bad habits like smoking. It is really difficult to maintain a good healthy smile, but today I want to share some secrets that […]

Why brushing your tongue is important

Brushing your tongue is a habit that can change your dental health for life. Many patients overlook it and do not brush it because they find it boring. This can cause many diseases and problems in the long run. Today I want to teach you about your tongue and dental hygiene, I hope you find […]

White teeth actually made easy

Having white teeth is something I know most of us want. Many of us do not have a white smile due to coffee and other habits. It is really difficult to maintain a beautiful smile, but today I want to share some secrets that makes it easy. That is right, it will be easy as […]

Why tobacco is ruining your teeth

Tobacco and smoking are both bad habits that ruin your teeth, period. It is important that you know what nasty effects causes to your dental hygiene. I hope this article help you reduce the consumption. Many patients come to our dental clinic with their teeth ruined thanks to cigarettes and smoking in general. All of […]

If you don’t clean your toothbrush then read this

A clean toothbrush equals clean teeth. As simple as that, that is why today I want to teach you how to improve your dental hygiene. The premise is simple, paying attention to the little details is key to have clean teeth. You have to start by cleaning your toothbrush, which is an item you use […]

Get healthier teeth thanks to a balanced diet

You should know by now, you are what you need, what you eat can make you have healthier teeth. It is a fact that our diet has a huge role on our dental health and hygiene. That is why today I bring you the best diet for a beautiful white smile. If you like these […]