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Parts of the Tooth: General Information

In today’s article, we shall learn a little bit about the different parts of a tooth. There are different problems that can affect dental health, and depending on the issue, they target a different part of our teeth.   What are the parts of a tooth? Tooth namel The enamel is the first line of […]

Taking Care Of Your Tooth Enamel

All dentists will agree that one of the biggest reasons we brush is to keep our enamel out of harm’s way. That is, as free of bacteria, food and plaque as possible! And Los Algodones dentists are no exception to this. You will find that our tooth enamel is actually pretty useful, and not only […]

Tooth Sensitivity: Information And Tips

If you have ever experienced a sharp pain-like feeling the moment your teeth touch something hot or cold, chances are you suffer from tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth is quite a common issue among people nowadays, and it can really hinder your eating habits big time. Either it is due a lack of good oral habits, […]