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Why you should avoid using toothpick

Hello my dear readers, welcome back again to our humble blog. Recently I was consulted by a patient about suing toothpick to clean between the teeth. Today I will write about the reasons why you should avoid using this tool. The answer can surprise lots of you that use very often toothpicks after every meal […]

Why you should remember to floss your teeth every day

Flossing is one of those activities that we all feel very lazy to do. I honestly do not know anyone that really enjoys using dental floss to clean their teeth. But if it not were that important dentists would not tell you to do it every day after brushing your teeth. So why should we […]

Learn To Brush Your Teeth Properly (Tips)

Brushing your teeth is a habit that must be present in every day of your life. We started brushing our teeth since we are little kids, but even tough some of us don’t do it properly yet. Are you brushing your teeth in the right way? Some of us would surprise when discovering that for all […]